Umi's butterflies' garden

Come in please. I have nice things for you, creative SM Fans: contests!
We have the "Senshi by you" May winner: Sailor Shooting Star. Her page will be up soon.
Vote for June's!

  • "Senshi by you": Read requirements and post on the "Senshi by You" board your role's profile. Every month, a poll with the roles will be posted, so all visitors can vote. The winner will have a profile page here.
    Important notice:
    1. Just one page per senshi will be accepted. More will be deleted. If you made a mistake, redo it so I can delete the wrong one. Before you post, read carefully.
    2. No insults to other people's ideas. You will not be included in the game if you do.
    3. You have to post the profile here. Links will be deleted.
  • Umi Hoshino, aka Sailor Vega
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  • Senshi By You
    Select the best invented senshi

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    Hall Usagi's Bedroom Mako's Kitchen Rei's Attic Ami's Library Mina's Dressing Room Inner's Game Room Haruka's Garage Michiru's Veranda Helios' Stables Diana's bathroom
    Hotaru's Planetarium Chibiusa's Playground Galaxia's and Cosmos' Garden Kakyuu's Drawing room Chibi Chibi's Pool Yaten's Studio Umi's Butterflies' Garden Umino's T.V. Room Setsuna's Lab Throne Room Naoko's Living Room