Umino's T.V. Room

Please! Sit down, get confortable and turn on the TV. There are some nice things to watch. Turn on channel 00 to have a look at Umino's Early Night Show, where your doubts about the creator of this site might, repeat, might be cleared out.
On channel 5899 you can watch Get a Life Foundation infomercials, a very constructive group that might change the way you see life for ever. For some holidays' fun, switch to channel 44 and have a look at our Christmas' ski show reruns.
Tune channel 22 for a great interview on the Love triangle of Seiya, Usagi and Mamoru! Umino's Early Night show brings Dr. Joyce Daugthers' BSSMLITSVM: Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon Love Identity Test Seiya Versus Mamoru
Channel 2wood2b features our star transmition: Live from Japan, the so long waited wedding between the future kings of Earth! Transmition sponsored by "Mooncard"
Umino's show
  • Umino's Early Night Show
  • Get a Life infomercials
  • Xmas ski show
  • Xmas parade and bonfire
  • Interview with Dr. Joyce Daughters
  • Mooncard: Usagi
  • Mooncard: Michiru
  • Mooncard: Haruka
  • Mooncard: Chibiusa

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