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As you may know, Yaten is a little show off and he loves Luna. That's why you see Luna's wallpaper, Three Lights Posters and the awards this site has won.

Yaten and Luna

Come and have a look.
I have to admit that paparazzi know their way on my face. (sic*) Of course, I couldn't take all the credit, so I left some space for Taiki and Seiya. Have fun in our concert!

C o u c h
And look at my precious Lunas. I adopted them!
She will show you our awards. Also, as she was really worried about Serena being close to Seiya, she followed them. Take a look at what she saw.

Luna says: "I understand why girls become Yaten's fans, even though is hard to love someone you have never met. But I know that for him, there is only one woman in the universe, and I understand."

Luna moves
Adopted Luna

Yaten's Luna
was adopted on March 6, 1999

Sailor Gif Adopt Chibi Luna was adopted on January 30, 2000

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