Churches of Vasai

Many of the churches in Vasai were built in the 16th century and all of them are in use by the community.

Christ King Bolinj

Holy Family Bhuigao

Holy Spirit Nandakhal

Our Lady of Lourdes Shirlaiwad

Mother of God Pali

Our Lady Of Grace Papdy

Our Lady of Fatima Chulne

Holy Cross Nirmal

Our Lady of Mercy Mercess


Rajodi Church


Our Lady of Remedy-Remedy

St. Francis Xavier Giriz 

St. Gonsalo Garcia Gass

St. James Agashi

St. Joseph Umrale

St. Roque Gokhivre


St. Michael Manickpur

St. Paul Nanbhat

St. Peter Arnala

St. Mary Magdalene Mulgao


St. Thomas Sandor

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