Women Abused
Inhumanely Mistreated
In the US Postal Service

This site is dedicated to all current and former US Postal labor
who live the nightmare of the job from hell.

The Crushing of the Human Spirit

We the crushed in spirit
simply sought to use the law
created by our government for us.
We were met with severe retaliation
which evoked in our workplace
violence, suicide, emotional breakdowns,
and the crushing of our family unit.

Protection for our employer,
the US Postal Service, ensued.
The Congressional US Postal Subcommittee
sent our complaints to the Postal Service's
"independent" investigator,
Office of Inspector General (OIG).
Further retaliation followed.

The US Postal Inspection Service,
the "elite law enforcement",
was notified first,
further retaliation followed.
Their job is to protect the revenue,
and sanctity of America's
only federal mail monopoly.
Chairperson McHugh of the Subcommittee
in the year 2000
condemned their interests as
preservation of "commercial interests",
and not of the "law".

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