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Niels Lolle

I feel a very strong urge to work with colours. This urge makes me restless. I always want to paint a new picture, but I also feel obliged to finish the picture I am working on. I have spent many weeks on several of my pictures. Right from childhood I have been concerned with pictures and drawing. At eleven I was at the Faroe Islands for the first time. (My father was chief executive in the marine control). Next year I spent my holiday here. I spent four months on land and sea, where I had the opportunity of sailing with the fisheries inspection aboard an "Y-boat". These trips enhanced my interest in drawing and painting especially the intensity of the light appeared ravishing to me. This was a true set of contrasts with enormous rugged rocks breaking the vast sea. Here I got the experience of how light colours and grand nature influence a young man´s perception of the world. Twice I experienced the capture of pilot whales at Thorshavn - an unforgettable experience burnt in my mind. Many years have passed since then, but especially the light and the reflections are still very bright and alive in my mind. My childhood-stays at the summer house right next to the port of Gilleleje have been of great importance. Here I spent most week-ends from my fourth year onwards, only interrupted by my stay at the Faroe Islands and late from the age of 6-7 by a stay at Thurø. Here I apprenticed as a boat builder. For the last 18 years I have stayed with my family at Gadevang next to a forest called "Grib Skov". These various impressions have formed the basis for how I perceive and experience and how I render my experiences, thoughts and fantacies through oil colours on masonite and canvas. The combination of trees, manufactured wood, the sea and reflecting light are the reasons why I work partly with trees and seascapes. At present particularly the sea and port areas. The fisherman as archetype form a part of my pictures with the port of Gilleleje as a setting. The light, its reflection, its flickering, the refraction, the water, the port as working place and my own fantastications and associations acquire a central position in my attempts to render the experience in my pictures. My technique varies from the piontillistic to the broader brushwork. I work a lot with mixed colours, often on layers, and in between with a transparent light effect. I experiment partly by moving about in the picture with slight nuances as effects, but contrasts may appear too.
Niels Lolle
Gammelvej 5
DK-3400, Hillerød
+45  42251255


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