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Christine Gejlsbjerg

Contrasts - symbolism in colours - symbolism in general - tension - moods - all these things influence me when I paint. Things that cannot be put into words, emotions hard to explain become pictures. Tension is transformed into form and colours. I often prepare myself though listening to special music, which advances the process. The pictures take form as a necessary urge to tell something. There is always a fundamental idea or a message as a starting point for the idea. The message is captured in the picture and influences the atmosphere. Things or combinations are described, time and events play an important part. To me the colours have their own symbolism. You have let your eyes zoom in order to grasp combinations. I have been concerned with many things in my time. At the moment I work with two main subjects: "My garden at Annisse" and "Time passes". "My Garden at Annisse": I love flowers. They mean something special to me. Our garden is full of flowers. A characteristic luxuriance and fertility. When I paint I try to capture the scent in the air, the multitude of colours and the pleasant feeling connected to being surrounded by flowers. I try to delve into the very existence of the individual flower. Sometime I concentrated on the tea roses, later I sought inspiration at the lilies and the dahlias, and the last pictures contain autumn colours. "Time Passes": This is a great subject which spans over long periods of time. I have pictures starting off at Ancient Rome but yet do have a bearing on the present. I work with the "Biedermeier" Period, where I am very much concerned about a watch. There are pictures relating to the period around the turn of the century, and of course something from the computer world. I have not worked much with this subject, but I am sure that I can find much inspiration there. I also work with a 3-dimensional technique which is to express my need of formulating myself yet more precisely - these pictures are made on wood, otherwise the pictures are on canvas.
Christine Gejlsbjerg
Holmegårdsvej 10
DK-3200 Helsinge
+45 48798135


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