Bosnia Project

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WCRP Assists in the Formation of the Interreligious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina

WCRP staff in Sarajevo and New York are assisting the Interreligious Council of Bosnia-Herzegovina (IRC) to become a fully incorporated organisation. A senior religious leader of each of the religious communities in Bosnia-Herzegovina (Muslim, Catholic, Orthodox, and Jewish) has agreed to serve as the pricniple leaders of the IRC. The Council will:

  • Facilitate regular meetings between the religious leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina (BiH).
  • Strengthen relationships between the religious communities of BiH.
  • Clarify shared moral principles and advocate adherence to them
  • Develop a process to promote inter-religious actions for social reconstruction in BiH
  • Convene an international conference to announce the formal establishment and commitment of the IRC to all people in BiH and the international community.

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