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The Executive Committee (EC) of WCRP International met in Amman, Jordan, from February 23-24, 1997.

Several strategic decisions were made during the two days of meetings:

  • The EC unanimously affirmed Jordan as the venue for the WCRP World Assembly VII, to be held in late 1999, and initiated the processes necessary for the formation of an Assembly Preparatory Committee. The EC approved a development strategy designed to promote the growth of new national chapters in WCRP, and to strengthen existing national chapters.

  • After a thorough review of WCRPs project in Bosnia, the Executive Committee was honored to receive a generous offer of significant financial support from Rissho Kosei-kai (RKK) to further the second stage of the Bosnia Project. President Nichiko Niwano was requested by the EC to relay to the membership and leadership of RKK its deep gratitude and acceptance of the offer.

  • The EC received with regret, and with warm acclamation for services well rendered, the resignations of Dr. Ahmed Muhammed Ali and Ms. Saba Risaluddin as WCRP International Presidents. Dr. Ali has returned to his post as President of the Inter-Islamic Development Bank, and Ms. Risaluddin has taken a position within WCRP to serve as senior staff for the Bosnia Project. The Committee also accepted the request of Dr. Rainer Lingsheid to be relieved of his duties as an International President of WCRP.

  • The EC reviewed a calendar of governance meetings for WCRP/International that are to be held previous to Assembly VII.

  • The EC developed and adopted a statement on Peace in Jerusalem. The statement affirms that Jerusalem is a holy city for three religions and a home for two peoples, and recognizes that Jerusalem will know peace when the realities of the three religions are acknowledged, and the legitimate political aspirations of both peoples are accepted.

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