UN World Youth Forum

WCRP youth come out on top at the recent UN World Youth Forum which took place in Vienna in November 25-29th 1996.

Miss Christi Sidwaba (Namibia) and Mr Nersey Rastan (UK) represented WCRP youth at the event which attracted some 450 youth from all over the world representing local, national, regional and international structures. WCRP has been involved in the year long preparatory process as members of the 20 strong preparatory committee. Miss Courtney Goto (USA) and Nersey Rastan have been representatives to this preparatory committee.

WCRP youth played a leading role in the whole process of the WYForum whether it be in the preparatory stages or a the event itself where among many achievements WCRP made a presentation to the Plenary on behalf of the Gender Reference Group of the Forum; Co-chaired the successful Working Group on Tolerance, Xenophobia and Racism along with itís partners UNESCO, the Council of European National Youth Committees (CENYC), the European Youth Forum (EYF) and the Commonwealth Youth Programme (CYP); and established a WCRP-Youth internet web site successfully getting a link from official WYForum web site to the WCRP-Youth one. WCRP youth will continue to be involved in the on-going World Youth Forum processes. The WYForum review meeting and evaluation was held at the UN in New York on February 20th-21st, 1997 - download copy of report from the World Youth Forum page:.

Link to the UN World Youth Forum page

For more information about WYForum and follow up projects, email: nersey.rastan@dial.pipex.com

or contact Miss Courtney Goto at the WCRP Secratariat office in New York. CGoto@wcrp.org

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