Hi everybody! :) How are you? Wow, I really don't know what to start. Many thing happened since the last time I used to crazy with making homepage. It's been 4-5 years. :) Well, First of all I just have to introduce myself right? :) Ok, the girl in the picture is Me. My name is Peeranuch Suwanmontree. You can call me Peeranuch. I don't know whethere you know how to pronounce or not. Pee-Ra-Nuch (Nuch sounds like Push but change P to be N). I am Thai-Chinese lives in Bangkok,Thailand. :) I am 24 years old. Hate to tell you but I am honest. hahaha :P :) I'm working now with my brother in Teak Wood furniture business. Do many stuff, dealing with customers,marketing,translator. :) We just opened new company and it's doing pretty good, we made to order and we export our products to Italy, USA, England, etc.,. If anyone interested please e-mail me. :) And I am also doing Network Marketing With Nu Skin Enterprise I really love the products and philosophy of this company but I don't really have put my time on it like last year. I lost many customers because I didn't keep in touch and also I was discourage by some of my co-worker. So, I have to start all over again. Now, I'm trying to build up my group and find more customers. :) I have so many plan for this new year 2001. My father is going to open pub resturant and ask me to take care as a Manager. My sister is going to ask me invest with her open Internet Cafe. And If I didn't meet my soulmate. I would be in UK by now to study my english. :) I just love travel and want to improve my english. But I just coudn't go. :) I've already met my soulmate and Just want to be with him ;) I am now just working hard, making money and wait to see my love again. Anyway, I just went to visit him in Dubai last 2 weeks ago. :) We take turn. Next time will be his turn to come here in Thailand. :) We have been visiting each other every 1-2 months like this for about 8 months already. We know it's hard but we both strong. We know we will have a beautiful future together. :)

Most of the people try to defind the word " Love ". What love really is. I have managed to define it and used to discuss with my fiance for the first month we've been together. We realized that whatever we difine it. It much more than that, It's really can't describe in words. It's beyond words. :) We can feel it in our entire body and soul to understand it. It's a bond. A bond that does not let you get away from the one you truly love. It binds you with a force that cannot be broken. No matter what. It is a bond that ties you to the other forever. Because true love lasts until the day you die. No other love can be called true love but the one that lasts until the last moment of your life. True love is there no matter where you go in any of God's world. I have already found the true love which I really can't explain or describe. I just know that we've made for each other we complete each other. We say "I love you" to each other since the first day we've been together until now. We never get tired of saying that. This might sounds cheesy for you but I can't help. It's really from my heart. :) hehehe :) Don't throw up yet ok? Not good throwing up in front of computer. hahaha :) You can do it but not now. Oh ya, If you want to know my fiance you can also click at any of my pictures here on this page. :) But as I already said, it's his olddddd homepage. :) He didn't update for 4-5 years already. haha. He has no time. You also can hear my voice from his homepage also. He added the song I sang on his page. At that time we were still friend. We were best friend. :) Did I tell you that we've been friend for 5+ years. You know what? I love him so much. We propose to each other almost everyday. :) We are so cute. Have you ever heard someone said " Will you marry me? My wife?" Sounds strange huh? :P :)( Hey! really, we are so cute, aren't we? , don't throw up :P ). We've already married with our heart and soul. The wedding day just the matter of time. :) I have found the right one for me. I wish you guys will find the same way I have found my soulmate.

Wow, I didn't expect to write something about love this much. :) I just type from what my heart saying. I didn't plan or anything. Didn't even know what to write at the first time. :) I should keep some space for my loving hubby to write something here. I am so happy to see him soon. :) He is going to get ticket and come here to visit me again. This time it's his turn. Last time it's my turn. We really can't wait to see each other again. Actually, we see each other everyday via the internet and web cam but that's not enough. :) We both excited to see each other everytimes. He is working now with the company called "Metro Media Production" In dubai for 3D animator, compositor,lead artist for film and video and T.V. I've waited for him everyday while he was working at his place last time I went there and I know how hard working he is. :) I am so proud of him. Anyway, trying to help him to get a job here in Thailand or we might go to Singapore or Hongkong near future. :) It really depends on me. I just need to talk to my father very seriously about this. You know, It's hard for me. My father just never want me to live far away from him. I am daddy's little girl. I am mature but he cares so much about me. Ahh, talking about his make me headache now, let's change subject. hahhah :P :) I know everything is going to be alright. ;)I think I am typing too much now. I should go and get something to eat, Didn't eat anything since morning. Now it's almost 1 pm. :P Omido is going to kill me for this. :) Ok, guys! I promise I will do something more and put more interesting thing on my homepage. Any comments you can e-mail us at peeranuch@hotmail.com or dimox@hotmail.com just in case you don't know. Last updated of this homepage is today. It's 10th November 2000. :) Take care you guys! :) Thanks again :) And come back again, I know you guys gonna come back because WE ARE SO COOL! Hahahaha :P :) Sawasdee kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. :)