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    Thank you for visiting my humble Web site. My name is Andre Calciu and I am interested in photography and camera collecting. I got started with photography by my parents when I was very young. They were the proud owners of a beautiful Rolleiflex TLR camera and they liked to travel, hike and take pictures. As I was growing, I started taking pictures as well, but my parents would not let go of the Rolleiflex. Can anyone blame them? As a result I was saddled with a Russian made Leica copy that took pretty decent pictures, for my skill level. In the eighth grade I joined the Photography Club and started doing black and white darkroom work. I loved every minute of it, except the cleaning-up part. We used a 35 mm enlarger (brand unknown) and did manual film and paper processing in trays up to 11x14 inches. As time went on, I dabbled a little in color photography, but the amateur color system that I could afford was not too evolved in the late 70s and early 80s so I returned to black and white.

    Recently the camera collecting bug bit me again and I started collecting old, manual cameras. They are wonderful machines to use and to look at. Although they miss some (well, actually all) of the amenities of modern cameras, they are much better for that. With a classic camera you, the operator, have complete control over the image, and photography remains an ever learning hobby, preventing boredom and creating joy and great pleasure when you can look at your works and boast: "I created that!" My collecting is tightly connected with use and I will seldom purchase a camera that I cannot take pictures with. Also, my interests gravitate around medium and large format. I prefer a large, 6 cm x 6 cm negative shot on 120 film, or a 4x5 inch sheet. The tremendous amount of detail in these negatives allows for large blow-ups that are sharp and clear, full of rich tonalities and detail. You can never get even close to this quality with a 35 mm camera or with one of the new, cheesy APS toys.

    Below please find a few useful tidbits of information that will, hopefully, enhance your enjoyment of the cameras you have. First, here are a few camera cleaning, restoration and maintenance tips. Also, here you will find some useful film processing info. When you get your own full fledged darkroom here is what to look for.

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