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"I kinda had this vision of, Doggett gets on a Harley, you know, and he throws Reyes on the back, and they just drive off into the desert, the sun sinking..."  - Robert Patrick, Q13 FOX Interview

August 24, 2002

The Vision has been updated -- finally!  Check out what's new to the site:

- 38 new fics from Angel Eyes, Annie Wright, B R Cary, BlueDevil, Carolina, Cerasi J., Deslea, effectively absent, Eve, ga, Keleka and Philiater, Little Red, Melissa Beirnes, Nichole Leigh, Nicole Berman, Peaches and SunReyes, scifinerdgrl, SLS, SunReyes, Susan Olivia, Tirduj and Unrhue, Warm Fuzzies, and xfwriter.  Please, don't forget to send feedback to the authors!

- 3 wonderful collages by SilverRayven and Kristy.  Those can be found on the Creative page.

- A couple of links were added to the Links page.

- You've all probably seen them already, but in case you haven't, I have added some fanlistings at the bottom of this page.  They include:  DRR Fanlisting, 4D Fanlisting, Audrey Pauley Fanlisting, John Doggett Fanlisting, Robert Patrick Fanlisting, and last but never least, Annabeth Gish Fanlisting.  Check them out if you're interested, and make sure you sign up if you're a fan.  There is also a link at the bottom where you can "adopt" a Doggett/Reyes clone...

- Housekeeping items:  I have divided the Archive into 5 sections: A-E, F-J, K-O, P-T, U-Z.  The Author Listing has been divided into 2 sections:  A-M, N-Z.  I have also added some guidelines regarding artwork submissions (check the Submission Guidelines page).  I hope it helps those who would like to submit creative works.

- 2002 Spooky Awards:  This year, The Vision is sponsoring TWO fanfiction awards.  The prizes are as follows:

Outstanding non-NC-17 DRR:
- a banner graphic
- one 8x10 glossy photo of Doggett and Reyes - Season 9 promo pic.  Click here to see it.

Outstanding NC-17 DRR:
- a banner graphic
- one 8x10 glossy photo of Doggett and Reyes - Season 9 promo pic.  Click here to see it.

A VERY, VERY BIG THANK YOU to Laura Capozzola of The Many Roles of Robert Patrick for donating the two glossy photos of Doggett and Reyes as prizes for the winners of the DRR Spooky Awards!  Thank you so very much, Laura!!!

Please submit your stories for the Spooky Awards to spookyawards2002@yahoo.com or spooky2002@lycos.com.  Questions, comments, problems, etc. can be sent to either Mrs. Fish or Diandra.  For more information (i.e. other sites where you should submit your fic in order to be eligible for submission to the Spookys) , please visit the 2002 Spookys website.  There's only about one month or so left to submit your stories!

- Lastly, I apologize for the lack of update the last couple of months.  I wasn't expecting my summer to be so busy, but as usual, Real Life things had to be dealt with first.  Classes are starting up again this September, so updates to the site will happen in between university-related things.  Thanks to all those who checked up on me about the site!

The Vision accepts any DRR fics, creative works and links.
Please, please, please KEEP THE SUBMISSIONS COMING!