Doing 99% of the work myself, I managed to come a long way in such a short time. In February I had just about finished the bady work and was almost ready to have it painted until some lady backed into the front of the car. Did more damage to her new Suburban. Long story short, I bought a 4dr parts car in excellent condition and Ive just been using most of the parts since. I have become sick of the straight six so I decided to use the engine from the 4dr (SBC) and do the swap. Well with the replacement of several parts and some trips to PAW, the swap was complete and the car ran like a champ. (Of course after several weeks of debugging it.) I also took the oppurtunity to upgrade the tranny to a Darryl Young built TH350 with a 2200 B&M stall. I will post the complete spec list on a seperate page later.
I picked up some engine enamel and some degreaser and painted the motor so it looked good. Good preperation and patience is very important when swapping an engine for your first time.
It is too easy to spend a lot of money at PAW Especially when you have the money to buy the stuff in your pockets.  I got too carried away!!
To Be Continued...