Mission Statement
Our first goal is to educate our visitors about the natural and cultural history of the Northern plains Indians and the "Buffalo Culture".Our secound goal is to educate the children of the Lakota nation about their rich cultural history.The Lakota youth of today becoming more and more removed from the traditionnal lifestyles and values of their grand parents.

   There is nothing like experiencing "first hand"the life of the "Buffalo days "to understand the soul of our people and its unique relationship to the land.To live with Lakota families will show the visitors the unique relationship that lakota people share among themselves.To be a "Good relative"is the main goal for a Lakota person and is his/her guidelines in life.The Lakota virtues ,Generosity,bravery,fortitude and wisdom are also important and need to be kept within our society.Living with us ,even for a short time will bring a better understanding of our culture ,too often stereotyped in hollywood movies or in "New age " books .It will also provide the opportunity to create new friendships and great memories
Living in a Tipi village is a magic and totally new experience which brings the individual close to nature,gives a different rythm of life and a different perspective on things.It is also a great way to relax.

By depicting traditional Lakota ways in their original context through a living history interpreting program, we communicate to our visitors how the lifestyle of the Lakota people was so much in tune with our surroundings,that every aspect of our life ,spiritual , material and cultural , revolved around the buffalo and the environment that sustain these wonderful beings.Living in the camp create a multi-sensory experience .The visitors can smell the food cooking over a fire,ear the sound of laughter of Lakota children,they can feel the buffalo hides in the tipis and see the  quilled,beaded,or painted utilitarian objects which furnish them.   Our program allows the visitor to be in contact with the old ways of the Lakota .Each individual has the possibility to learn through a " hands on "experience arts like quillwork and beadwork,mocassin making, archery,hide tanning,horse knowledge,plants knowledge,Singing,dancing, etc...under the guidance of a member of our extended familyand through that experience will come to better understand our culture.In fact they will have the feeling to go through the portal of time and be the visitors of  a 19th century indian village !.The last day they will learn of our history and will get a better understanding of our present.

Integrity and authenticity are the hallmarks of how the members of our extended family present their information.each one of them through years of research and practice has acquired a specific knowledge which put together as a group recreate accurately a 19th century Lakota indian tipi camp.
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