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We got home from Austria late on the night of August 24th. This picture is of Claudia Bottig on August 26th (recall we stayed with the Bottig family in Austria). The picture is taken at our house. How can this be? Just when we thought there were no more Bottigs within 6000 miles, one appears! Obviously she does not travel light. Why she appeared will be explained later.

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Where is Claudia now? This girl really gets around!

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Oh No! Another Bottig! This one is Michael, Claudia's dad. Why are they smiling? Because Claudia is trying to explain to her dad what a rainbow flag is all about.

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Dad knows how to "mug" for the camera.

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Well here is the story, while we were in Austria, these two Bottigs were in the U.S.A. touring. They arrived in Florida shortly before we left for Austria. The toured up the east coast planning to arrive on Cape Cod just as we returned. They were a pleasure to host. One of their favorite stops was the ice cream (eis) parlor called Sundae School in Dennisport. We also took them to Provincetown and a whale watch. Samantha prefers Austria to the U.S., Claudia prefers the U.S. over Austria. Samantha prefers German over English, Claudia prefers English over German.  Claudia was very extroverted,  pleasant and easy to talk to. Her dad was quiet but have a very nice manner.

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