Samantha and Burt go to Budapest


It was much warmer here than in in Österreich (Austria), the city was loaded with cars, some very ratty looking cars and plenty of air pollution. The money is called something like Fronts and 280f equals one dollar. There are money changing locations all over, we passed at least 20 and they changed our shillings on the train into local currency.

The best sundae I ever ate was in Budapest, the cost was similar to U.S. but the ice cream was better than any I ever tasted. The was a cafe in the center of Budapest in an area that is like a shopping walking mall.



Samantha having the first alcoholic drink I ever saw her drink. As in Austria no one gives a damn about your age. The drink was 760f.


The purpose of this picture was to get the kid at the right. In Austria, Germany and Hungry people dye their hair red. Why? Because no one has natural red hair. This kid overdid it a bit, most are more subtle.

An area for tourists, prices are much lower than in Austria. Samantha said shoes were 1/5 the price. I bought bakery products that were about 50% off U.S. Clothes are also much cheaper. The countryside however is a lot duller than Austria.

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In "Pest", looking across the Danube towards "Buda."

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