Samantha's Best Attempt to Kill her Dad

on "Schneeberg"

It was a very hot day in Baden, it looked like the hottest in 104 years as the mercury headed to 100 degrees. So I figured a nice trip to the highest mountain in this area of Austria would be nice. The mountain is 1800 meters (6000 feet) and the temp. would be 20 degrees cooler at that height. I figured when we got there I thought we would just sit and relax in the coolness. I should have suspected something when we barely made the train, I scolded Samantha for this but she said we had plenty of time "as we didn't have to run to get it." She was right the train just pulled in at the moment we walked to the platform.

Samantha immediately spotted a path we could hike, the path was on the very edge of a cliff, as we hiked the slightest slip caused a rock fall that you could hear for 30 seconds or so. Does this picture look like she could fall of the edge? She could or worse, I could.

On the edge, see the man in the distance, he was on the edge too.

I thought Samantha would die to get this shot with her camera. She was right over the edge. I thought this might be my last picture of her.

On the 1 hour trip on the tram on the way up their were PA announcements that were in German and English. I think they were very interesting historical words but I never heard them because the only time this woman shut her very loud mouth was the moment I took the picture. By the way there is no German word for the way most of us use the term "bitch." Now why would I toss that aside in here?

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