Our visit to Wiener Neustadt

After I was here I wanted to visit this town. It is at the end of the train line and I hear the name all the time. It is a town that is about the size of Hyannis, it is about 30 miles south of Vienna. I was going to bike there from Baden, a distance of about 15 miles but Samantha agreed to go with me if we went by train. Samantha had never been there. When we were there we saw a school nearly finished in the center of town. The word for school is gymnasium. However there are no athletics in school, thus no fields around the schools. Any student can go to any school in the entire area. Schools tend to be grouped according to academic ability. There are no "passes" to go around the school and students are treated as mature. There is no detention. Vocational type schools are very common. There is no such thing as a school bus, most either walk, bike or take a train. All student transportation is free anywhere on the train system during the school year. By the way we saw this film, "Cube",on Tuesday evening (when they have what is called a sneak preview of an English film and you never know what you are going to get) the audience is all teen. Afterwards we had a long discussion on capital punishment. Austrians are very much against it, they also think the number of guns in the US is insane.

This is the water tower in Wiener Neustadt, does not quite look like the ones on Cape cod does it?

In the center of Wiener Neustadt. Church bells here will drive you nuts, it seems like a competition. There are almost no tourists this far from Vienna. If you ride a bike through here you can get fined 300 shillings, about $21. Hunds (dogs) are very common and it is extremely poor form for one not to be able to control their dog against bothering another dog. However dog poop is common. We sometimes call Hot Dogs wieners, the German name for Vienna is Wien, get the connection as to where hot dogs came from? A hot dog here is not simply a hot dog, there seem to be as many varieties of them as ice cream.

The international bathroom in the background. Prices here are generally higher in McDonalds than in the U.S. McDonalds are very common in every location we have been. Einbahn means one way.

The train station, see the bikes in the background? When we were on a train three girls sat down nearby, they were different than all of the other teens I have seen here. They could have played linebacker for the New England Patriots. They were also Americans.

The house where we are staying. To right is a man made pool and there is much in the way of a garden here. Incidently when you go to the supermarket in order to get a carriage you have to deposit a coin, you get the coin back if you bring the carriage back, thus no carriages all over the parking lot.

Here is the pool that is natural in the front of the house. Samantha and Rebecca Bottig are being very playful. They later planned to splash me by doing so in German, I knew not what was coming. The street is just the other side of the bushes but you cannot be seen. Incidently there are various ladies that visit during the week, the egg lady, the bread lady, the vegetable lady. Sounds like an era that passed us by in the U.S.

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