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Title: After the Storm
Author: Katia
Rating: NC-17
Description: A continuation of "Let He Who Is Without Sin..."

Title: Beginnings of Beginnings
Author: Brandy
Rating: NC-17
Description: Worf and Jadzia are dreaming about each other. Could those dreams come true?

Title: Dax and Worf's Workout
Author: Anonymous
Rating: NC-17
Description: Worf and Dax, um, workout. Please note explicit sex and bad language.

Title: Diversions
Author: RJ
Rating: NC-17 (slash)
Description: Set during "Let He Who is Without Sin..." Dax rekindles her romance with Arandis after fighting with Worf.

Title: The Doubt Joining Brings
Author: Paradoz761
Rating: NC-17 (slash)
Description: Ezri starts to have doubts about her and Julian's relationship, so she decides she needs to talk to the one person who she thinks can shed some light on Julian's feelings: Jadzia.

Title: Fire in the Blood
Author: Carly Dawson
Rating: R
Brief Description: an expansion on the scenes between Worf and Ezri in the Final Chapter arc episode "Penumbra." Winner of the 1999 WDFA Contest.

Title: The First of Many Nights
Author: Robin
Rating: NC-17
Description: After Julian and Ezri confess their love, they share a passionate 'first of many nights.'

Title: Games of Me
Author: Jon Andersen
Rating: NC-17 (lesbian sex, bdsm)
Description: Ezri gets to know herself better.

Title: Gift, The
Author: Ginomo
Rating: NC-17
Description: Worf presents Jadzia with a very special gift.

Title: Heartbeat
Author: Katia
Rating: NC-17
Description: Why exactly is Worf still dressed the "morning after"? An expansion on a scene in "Change of Heart."

Title: Homecoming
Author: Ginomo
Rating: NC-17
Description: Jadzia welcomes Worf home.

Title: Honeymoon
Author: Katia
Rating: R
Description: An idyllic honeymoon on Casperia Prime goes wrong.

Title: In the Holosuite
Author: Katia
Rating: NC-17
Description: Jadzia surprises Worf in the holosuite.

Title: One Must Bow to the Logic
Author:Gayle Rochefort-Potts
Description: In this follow-up to "Insurrection," Worf finds love in the most unlikely of places.

Title: The Power of Par'Mach
Author:Jaz D Jordan
Rating: R
Description: Jadzia's love inspires Worf to go on living.

Title:Regent [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5]
Author:Ishana Nemera
Rating: R
Description: A grieving Jadzia Dax is kidnapped by Worf from the mirror universe.

Title: Sexuality
Rating: NC-17
Description: An away mission gives Jadzia the opportunity to spend a little quality time with Worf

Title: Tooltime with the Tailor
Author:Robin Lawrie
Rating: R
Description: Dax and Worf are having problems. Can Garak help?

Title: When on Risa
Rating: R
Description: Worf and Dax discover one of the hidden delights of Risa.

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