Worf/Dax Links

Check out some really great Worf/Dax sites. Each site opens in its own window.

Katia's Fanfic Katia's W/D fanfic. All NC-17. Have fun.

The Worf Zone This a Yahoo! club for Worf fans. Pretty active.

The Worf and Dax Club This a Yahoo! club for fans of the W/D relationship. Not as active as the club below, but fun all the same.

The Jadzia and Worf Place This a Yahoo! club for fans of the W/D relationship. Club owner is Kata.

Jadzia Dax An excellent site, well-designed and full of information about our favorite trill.

The Dax Worf Shrine aka Trillgirl's homepage. Stop by for the photo gallery, WAV files and of course, her fanfic!

Lucath's Terry Farrell site Another fan site devoted to Terry Farrell.

The Color of Love This site analyzes the Worf/Dax relationship as the epitome of love and honor.

Jadzia Dax This is a great site, with Jadzia's life in pictures! And it loads fairly fast too!

Jadzia Dax Memorial Webring The home of the Jadzia Dax Memorial Webring. Links to other Jadzia memorial sites.

Change of Heart A terrific site dedicated to Worf and Dax with lots of fanfic, quotes, humor and more! Home of the JEW-El mailing list (see subscription info at the bottom of this page)

Jadzia Dax Page A page dedicated to Jadzia Dax plus a message board to discuss your feelings on the end of Deep Space Nine!

Creative Corner Original W/D fanfic (including the POV series in its entirety) plus original short stories by the webmaster.

A Star Trekker's Almost Paradise A page devoted to DS9, with cast biographies plus W/D fanfic.

The Dawn: The Dax and Worf Nook Pictures, sounds & videos of our favorite couple.

Terry Farrell Viva Forever A page with lots of information on Terry Farrell plus a tribute to Jadzia Dax & W/D fanfic.

The Write Connection Lots of Worf/Dax fanfic and DS9 fanfic.

The Dax & Worf page Fanfiction, pictures, drinking game & more. Check it out.

JAWS Lots of pictures, an episode guide, fanfiction & lots of Dax/Worf multimedia, including a terrific tribute to Jadzia.

Want to meet other W/D fans? Subscribe to the JEW~EL ~ Jadzia et Worf: Eternal Love mailing list!

Other Recommended Sites

The Best of Trek Fanfic Site A site devoted to some of the best Trek fanfic on the web.

This and That This and That hosts a 73,000 word Deep Space Nine novel titled Dreadnought and an ever-growing list of links to DS9 fan Fiction..

Trekiverse The official website of ASC*. More fic than you can possibly read in a lifetime, spanning all series, all pairings. You'll spend much time here.

Fanfiction.net Speaking of relentless fanfiction, check this one out. If the fandom exists, it's here. Check it out; you won't be coming up for air anytime soon.

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