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Welcome to the JEW-EL RPG home page temporary archive! JEW-EL is a mailing list for fans of Deep Space Nine and of the Worf/Dax relationship. If you'd like to join the list, scroll to the bottom of this page for the yahoogroups signup form.

The following logs are from the JEW-EL role playing game; it is not fanfiction. This story is constantly evolving as different people enter and leave the game...

Please note that the grammar/punctuation/tense have not been corrected - only spelling has been corrected.

Setting the scene: It is approximately 11 years after "Tears of the Prophets" (give or take a year). Worf has finally received a command of his own - the USS Valjean - and his wife, Commander Dax, will serve as his first officer. While Worf and Dax are already aboard Deep Space Nine, members of their crew are beginning to come aboard the station. On the eve of their departure from DS9 to conduct peace talks to end the Dominion War, some of the Valjean crew members gather for one last dinner at Vic's...

Before digging into the RPG, be sure to check out the (updated)Valjean crew roster first! Enjoy!

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