Don't Touch The Child

Don't Touch The Child

Don't touch the child...
She only loves you
she chases butterflies with sparkles in her eyes
Don't touch the child...
She trusts you and believes you
she giggles when puppies lick her toes
Don't touch the child....
She is an innocent angel
tucked and warm all safe in her bed at night
Don't touch the child...
She loves and hugs so easily
she makes crowns out of flowers in the spring
If you touch her you'll steal this and all these things away,
you'll make her eyes full of wisdom and stomp out the sparkles and the play.
If you touch the child, do it tenderly,
hold her safely and be willing to let her jump and play.
Hold her close, wipe her tears, and show her how much she is loved
for who is she today and who she will be tomorrow.

By Jen McMahon 1-5--00

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