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I plan to dedicate this page to healing and recovery resources. The following are links to other pages, all of which have links to more pages. Some are repeated in more than one category, and are indicated with a picture which will tell you which other categories each is in. Those pictures match those that are below for each category. Please keep in mind that sites listed in a particular category will often also offer resources and links about sexual abuse and/or MPD/DID in general, so just because it may only be in the "writing" or another category, doesn't mean there aren't things there with other information too.

Please be aware that some of these sites may be triggering for some persons, so I ask that you take care of yourself. If you think a certain site may be triggering for you, please refrain from going there at least until you are feeling stronger to do so.

Click here to view an alphabetical list of all sites listed in the below categories.

Links with fun stuff for Littles and Middles

Wherever possible, I have these links going directly to the pages for the littles, so that they will not have to go through a lot of other stuff to find their pages.

Links to sites that offer
Poetry, prose, and other art, as well as personal experiences

Links to sites dealing with ritual abuse and spiritual abuse

Links to sites that deal with self-injury

Sites with message boards

Sites that offer persons to post for e-mail support

Other various sites related to healing from sexual abuse and MPD/DID

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