Mary Trevan's Genealogy Home Page

For all branches - not just the main ones which are Trevan, Treliving and Henwood

My father's families all lived in the south west of England in the counties of Devon and Cornwall.

My mother's families lived in the midlands in England, and before that some of them lived in the Lake District in the north west of England.

I am no longer researching or writing up these pages, but I hope that they are of interest to others researching the same names.

The description of the families that I hope to cover with my pages are to start with the ancestors of my paternal grandfather, who all originated in Cornwall.

Then I hope to add my paternal grandmother's ancestors who all lived in Devon.

After that I plan to add in my maternal grandfather's ancestors, who lived in the Lake District but had excursions to Australia in the 19th century to the gold fields, but returned to England, and more recently moved to Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada, but my mother returned to England as a child.

Finally I plan to add in my maternal grandmother's ancestors, who came from the east midlands and the area to the south of it.

This is broadly in the order of where I have the most information (top of the list) through to where I have the least (bottom of list).

Those people listed in bold characters are my direct bloodline ancestors.

Cornwall (Kernow)Kernow