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Last updated 6 February 2006


(mostly for men, but useful for women also)

Lesson 6: Super-Enhanced Bra Training

This is a very recent discovery, within the last two years or so, and again, was so blatantly obvious that it was perfectly understandable why it took so long to deduce it. All I can say is I wish I had thought of it 20 years ago. But I didnt so now I am making up for lost time. In fact it is so ridiculously obvious, and so stunningly simple, that you will laugh when you read it. But you wont laugh when you try it.

I will save the best simile for last, as that will give you a sardonic laugh if anything ever will. But I will introduce the concept using an engineering correlative, particle tension. Geotechnical engineers have long known that the friction between particles can be enhanced, at least during compaction, through the addition of a particular substance. One of the remarkable properties of this substance is its high surface tension. It is so high, that when this particular substance is released onto a perfectly flat and smooth surface, it does not flatten out, as say pure alcohol will, but beads up into little ball-like structures, depending upon how much is in each droplet. What is this substance you ask? Water, aqua, H2O.

Remember titty bars? Remember wet-T-shirt contests (wham! I can feel the gestalt from here)? What property of water made the T-shirt cling so adroitly to even the undersides of the willing participants breasts? Surface tension. How stupid, How simple. How effective!!!

Try it any way you want. Wet your bra down before putting it on (use warm water or screech to your hearts content). Put it on before you get in the shower, or put it on in the shower. Take your choice. But when you combine this technique with tissue redistribution, you have a greater tendency to keep hostage whatever you catch in your cups. From a scientific viewpoint, I favor putting the bra on before my shower. This way I can take advantage of a low-friction situation when donning the bra, wet it down, then readjust myself, while leaning over and pressing my arms close together of course. This has the effect of not putting too much undue stress on the bra. Putting it on wet gets into the enhanced friction mode while you are trying to stretch and fix it into place. Not so good for the bra.

As it dries out, you can even add water to the cups (fascinating concept, isn't it, a different twist on the commercial water bra) by pouring it slowly into the upper cups and rubbing it around the lower cups, being sure to saturate the underwire covering (you want max-friction there).

Until you try this you will have no idea how incredibly effective it is at holding you in place. Talk about bra training! Do this regularly for many months, and you will also learn how dangerously effective it is at permanently training your bosom. So be careful. Only serious users need apply. Using this technique, within a year I could credibly fill out a 34-D in the Goddess 222. After that accomplishment, I found that bras I previously had no hope of ever wearing correctly, now fit me astonishingly well. Ooh la la. And it was staring me right in the face 20 years ago, but I was probably too distracted to think at those moments, thats my excuse.

Stop the presses! Here's an update! 7 February 2006...

Not from Wendy, but from a conversation Dee had with another member of the Yahoo "Men Wearing Bras" group...

Have you noticed the technology used in "thigh-high" or "stay-ups" stockings? Most makers put a small pattern of clear silicone adhesive in the tops of these stockings, to improve their adhesion and help keep them from sliding down the leg.

What's the goal of the "wet-bra" technique? To keep your bosom in the bra's cups -- nothing more and certainly nothing less! Combine the goals of this "wet-bra" technique with the technology used by makers of the "thigh-high" stockings and you've got another way to achieve this -- without a wet band around your shirt or blouse!

The idea is simple -- get some clear silicone adhesive, of the best grade you can find. Run a small bead of the adhesive on the inside covering of the bra's underwires, and gently rub it into the covering fabric (again, on the INSIDE of the bra). This is to form the foundation, so to speak, for the actual adhesion enhancing silicone bead. After saturating the fabric, run another small bead or two, like those used on stockings, over the top. The stocking silicone beads are about 1/16 inch or 1.5 mm in diameter, and two like this would be ideal. Let this cure for a day before wearing -- we don't want to bond you and the bra -- just enhance the friction of the bra's underwire coverings. You'll find your bra will be able to hold you in place much better than without the silicone.

End of Dee's February 2006 update.

At present, thats about it as far as the bra manifesto goes. I may make additions later, if I have new insights. If there is demand, I can also provide some in-depth insights into many of my lesser favorites such as girdles, skirts and high-heels. What I want to find is someone who will produce a Make-Up Manifesto, etc. etc.

Come on guys and gals, lets pool some real knowledge.

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