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Welcome to my Stateroom

you are missing a pic of me in uniform. ask for it in IRC as TC3a.jpg

Welcome Aboard! You've made a brave choice, to journey into uncharted waters. well you aught to know your traveling companion, Me; T.C. McCloud, aka Ensign or EnsignM of IRC. If you are interested in catching my in the world of Internet relay chat(IRC), you can do it either using PIRCH or by usingMIRC Here, I'd like to present a few Pictures and such, a side treat, as to who I hang out with, and who the strange people that are my family(biological and chosen)

The people I call "My Family" are a special breed, most are my foils, in that they are light when I am dark, they are the water that matches my fire.
However they also are the support, as I support them.
For them, I am the glue that binds, the sinews that hold Flesh to lifeless bone. I am, in essence, the foil for them, as they are for me.
This is the mark of the true native Sagittarius, the teacher and the student.
Born a "Double" Sagittarius, every part of my life feels the heat of a hidden flame
Everything I do, from waking to sleeping is done with passion
I am the Crusader, calling for the charge to do justice for the wronged.
Born near the close of the year, I am both the First and the Last.
Ever the archer, reaching outward, I am always in motion.
A Philosopher at heart, I resist the hypocrite and dogmatist alike .
A Historian, I attempt to see life as it was, not as anyone wants it to be.
I have the soul of a poet, sensitive as a light touch, yet immortal

If you want to sample my poetry at any time, click on the image of the knight, which is one of the recurring images in my work

While in college at Rutgers University, I help found an organization At Rutgers called RUST(don't ask what it means, it has no significance). As such, I claim my friends that also founded, and gave assistance to be a "family" of sorts, and I an 'Elder' in the clan.

These pictures were taken back in january, not long after I graduated. However, I hope to return one day.

a pic of the 3 horsemen:Mike Simons, Myself, and Bill McNellis

This a picture, from left to right of Mike "Catty" Simons, founder and 1st President of RUST,Myself, and Bill "I showed up at almost every meeting" McNellis

Bill and Al in leather, Al is cuffed
a cute picture of Bill and Al, as I'd love to see them(I'm a republican!)
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