Getting Started with Edging

Edging is simply a BETTER way to masturbate. Let my penis be your guide to attaining new levels of orgasmic delights!

I strongly recommend that you read this section exactly the way that I wrote it.
Pull down your pants and grab your cock!


Welcome to Masturbation & Edging 101. My name is Scott and I will be your horny instructor for what I hope will be the most physically SATISFYING class that you will ever experienced. I will be using my own personal experiences with Edging to illustrate how satisfying this amazing form of masturbation can be. Since I love going barefoot and have an intense fetish for male feet, there will be a foot theme throughout this tutorial. However, you do not have to be into male feet to enjoy edging. Just substitute your own personal sexual trigger and read on!

I have been a chronic masturbator for years, slowly developing techniques of stroking my erect penis that have taken me to unbelievable heights of intense pleasure. After discovering the wonders of jacking off at an early age, I quickly became addicted to the seductive pleasures of stroking my cock. I put up this page to share a special masturbation technique that is called "Edging". Trust me guys - there is no better way to make your body feel incredible. I'm not talking about plain ol' jacking off here - this is an entirely new way to enjoy your cock!

I really love masturbation and edging so it brings me a LOT of pleasure sharing what I've learned with other horny guys. I think that edging is a fine art that can be learned by anyone willing to put in the time. Also, it's the ultimate in safe sex, which is really important in today's society. And in terms of a natural high - edging is the ultimate! The orgasm produced after hours of edging can be as close to pure ecstasy as humanly possible. When you look at all the drug and alcohol abuse that is so prevalent today, edging is the BEST way to get feeling really good.

This hand, coupled with good edging techniques, has brought me to unbelievable states of ecstasy.
This is my cock's favorite place to be! As a matter of fact it's in there right now! ;-)

What is Edging?

For those of you not familiar with edging, it is the technique of masturbating until just before you are ready to ejaculate, and then backing off to prevent yourself from cumming. You then continue to gently stroke your cock, keeping yourself in a state of highly elevated pleasure for as long as possible. As you develop the skill to narrow the gap between stroking and ejaculation, you will experience 90% of the pleasure of an orgasm FOR AS AS LONG AS YOU LIKE! Trust me guys, if you have ever dreamed of having a 2 hour orgasm you will LOVE edging. When you finally cum after edging for hours it feels INCREDIBLE! Once you experience the intense pleasure of edging you will never go back to plain old jacking off again! I never did. When I pull my cock out it stays out for HOURS.

Here you can see me barefoot & edging, hard at work on the content for this Getting Started
with Edging section. Edging feels absolutely INCREDIBLE - the level of pleasure achieved is mind
boggling. I decided to add this section to my blog so that guys who are not familiar with edging
techniques can become familiar with what it takes to pleasure your body to a state a pure ecstasy.

Advantages of Edging


Finding the Time to Edge

If you feel as if you just don't have the time to masturbate more, consider this. I have found that edging is more rejuvenating than an equivalent amount of sleep. if you normally sleep 8 hours, try sleeping only 7 and spend an hour before bed time stroking your cock. Masturbation also burns energy so when you finally have your orgasm you will find that you will easily slip into a very deep satisfying sleep. If that works try 2 hours!

I generally sleep about 6 hours a night, which is 2 hours less than the norm. By swapping 2 hours of sleep with masturbation, I get 60 hours of masturbation each month for "free". Good deal, eh? By squeezing in another hour or two each day, I can get my total up to well over 100 hours per month with minimal impact on my "normal" life. Trust me guys, that's a lot of pleasure!

Getting Started




I love having several hours set aside specifically for practicing the art of masturbation. My body
produces a lot of sperm every day and it is very entertaining coming up with new and inventive
ways to coax it out of my cock. It also gives me time to
explore new cock stroking techniques and
how my body responds to them.




  Virtually all of my jack off sessions start with me getting barefoot. I have a major foot fetish
so I enjoy most male feet - including my own. This is also my favorite part of edging - getting
started. Remember the anticipation - I've been thinking about playing with myself all day long
and now that I'm just about ready to start all those HOURS of intense pleasure - I love it!!!!

Just being barefoot gets me hard immediately. We all have our own triggers,
so experiment with yourself - it's a total blast!


Masturbation is just another form of sex so don't forget the foreplay.

I enjoy massaging my feet and sucking on my toes.

Just seconds away from that first touch. I LOVE the feeling of my cock in

my hand - warm and pulsating and ready to go to work for me.

Here I am stroking my cock and feeling soooooo good! When I edge my entire body feels
the pleasure - head to toe. Those are VERY happy toes you're looking at! Remember to find
a comfortable spot to relax while you masturbate.

When all that stroking is over it is SO worth it!
Oh man did this feel INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!

Further Thoughts

Today's society seems to lay a lot of guilt on the act of masturbation, which is CRAZY! There are plenty of things that you SHOULD feel guilty about - smoking - drugs - alcoholism - gambling - etc, but masturbation is definitely NOT one of them. With practice, edging can bring an intense natural high that surpasses ANYTHING you could ever experience with something like drugs or alcohol. Come on guys. we all love the feeling of a great orgasm - imagine prolonging that incredible feeling so that it lasts for hours!

To give you an idea of just how much I love to masturbate, I put together the following statistics about my favorite hobby...

Scott's Personal Masturbation Stats

Average masturbation session length 2.5 hours
Average number of days/year that I masturbate 360 days
Average number of hours/year that I masturbate 900 hours = 37.5 days
Average number of cock strokes per minute 240
Average number of cock strokes per hour 14,400
Average Number of cock strokes per session 36,000
Average Number of cock strokes per year 12,960,000

That's right, in an average year I spend well over
one month stroking my cock nearly 13 million times!

Trust me, the pleasure is all mine!!!!!!!!!

I spend the majority of my masturbation time right on the edge - that magical place right before the uncontrollable urge to ejaculate takes over.

Comparison of Various 2 Hour Activities
Activity Cost/person Possible Outcomes
Go out to dinner $30 50% Chance - Satisfied
50% Chance - Heartburn
Go out to a movie $15 30% Chance - Satisfied
70% Chance - Disappointment
Go to a bar $40 30% Chance - Good time with drunk friends
70% Chance - Hangover
Masturbate/Edge $0 50% Chance - Great orgasm
50% Chance - Incredible orgasm

Clearly masturbation gives you the most value for your dollar!


Ok now, all that masturbation produces A LOT of cum, Even if you only shoot once a day, edgers individual loads will be MUCH bigger than normal. Most edgers soon develop a real love of cum, and there are so many things that you can use it for to enhance your next masturbation session. But first, a little background about cum...

Sperm is the most intimate and personal thing that a guy can produce. It contains our life force - it is full of our sexual energy. For a dedicated edger, cum is the product of HOURS of SUPER INTENSE pleasure. It spends quite a long time in our balls and finally travels the entire length of our erect penis before emerging into the world. It should be considered a very special and nearly sacred fluid - the product of our total manhood. OK, with that in mind, onto creative things to do with it...

Frequently Asked Questions About My Masturbation and Edging

Basically, because I really love masturbation and edging. It brings me a LOT of pleasure so it's a lot of fun sharing what I've learned with other horny guys. I think that edging is a fine art that can be learned by anyone willing to put in the time. Also, it's the ultimate in safe sex, which is really important in today's society. And in terms of a natural high - edging is the ultimate! The orgasm produced after hours of edging can be as close to pure ecstasy as humanly possible. When you look at all the drug and alcohol abuse that is so prevalent today, edging is the BEST way to get feeling really good.


On the way to an evening of pure ecstasy!

I love helping other guys to get off. Sure, I'd LOVE to be stroking your cock in person - having your nice hard cock in my hand - but unfortunately I can't be everywhere at once. However, I actually get off knowing that some of you are stroking longer, and having better orgasms, because of what you've read here.

Last, but certainly not least, is that fact that it is a total blast putting this website together. This entire website was created during several of my edging sessions. I literally take a break to stroke my cock between every sentence that I type. I'm doing it right now as a matter of fact! ;-)

I do my best to find time to masturbate every day. I think that masturbation is an extremely healthy and fun way to relax as long as it doesn't interfere with my other daily activities. The way that I look at it, if I'm too busy to masturbate I sure won't have the time to miss it, and jacking off after a day of abstinence feels even better!

As long as possible! I never masturbate unless I have at least an hour available - that is the absolute minimum amount of time that I will stroke my cock. I would estimate that my average session time is about 2.5 hours, although I usually find one night a week to go for 3 or 4. My longest sessions are 5-6 hours.

Usually just once. That's the whole point of edging - building up a tremendous amount of sexual energy to be released in one massive orgasm. Stroking for hours without cumming results is pretty good sized cum load when you finally ejaculate. Although all orgasms feel pretty good, those with the most cum always feel the best, so why not go for the max?!! During my best orgasms I can usually pump out about 10 good sized squirts - oh man, it feels sooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!

Not at all. Edging actually enhances sex with another person because you learn how to totally control your body during arousal. Being able to prolong the period before orgasm makes sex all the more fun. Edging can turn you into a GREAT lover.

I am cut. I didn't have any say in the matter! ;-) I love all types of cocks.

My cock is about 7" - not the largest, not the smallest, but it can sure hold it's own. It has served me VERY well!

Yes. I used to do it quite often but I am taking a break from that scene. I admit that it can really be fun though - jacking for hours on cam, getting totally naked, and finally cumming all over myself is as fun for me as it is for you guys! I eventually grew a little tired of it so I'm taking a break right now. Besides, my webcam is real cheapo and it's not up to today's standards anymore! Every once in a while I'm on though - so keep looking.

Send Me Your Comments!

If you have any questions or comments about edging. masturbation, male feet, or just about any other topic that you can think of - drop me an email at I LOVE hearing from guys who share similar interests. Tell me about yourself, and don't be shy. I'm DEFINITELY not shy about myself - I have an intense male foot fetish and I am always checking out other guy's feet - I love going barefoot and I enjoy baring my feet in public - I REALLY love to masturbate, either alone or with other guys - It's fun masturbating in front of other horny guys, showing them how much I love to edge - I enjoy the taste of precum and cum, and the list goes on and on. Basically, I am one horny guy!

Keep My Cock Happy

If you have a new masturbation technique, or something that you would like me to try with my cock, send it along and I'll give it a shot. I love exploring new things - especially if it feels good... ;-) I have received quite a few tips from visitors to my blog that I have implemented into my daily edging sessions.

Also, if you'd like to send pics of yourself - feel free. I'd LOVE to have a look at you while I am riding the edge. I have shared quite a bit about my sexual self on this blog, so it's awesome when I get some feedback from you guys - it brings us all closer together - united in the pursuit of the ultimate male pleasure.

Anyway, I promise to stroke my cock while reading, and responding to, your messages. I spend several hours every night with my hand wrapped around my hard cock - pushing the envelope of male masturbation as far as it will go!



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