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Welcome to #gamth
  • For New IRC USER, The easy way to join us.
  • We have recieved a lot of emails asking about how to join our channel on IRC. just like the FAQ.
  • So we decided to tell you here , how to join us on IRC.
Register with bot ?
  • Why you have to register with bot ?
    • Bot will records your visit on our channel which will be very useful for you such as
      • you can leave your message to anyone when he is not online, and people can leave their message to you if you are not on channel also.
      • when you are not online, and some ppl asking about you, bot will answer that how long have you left channel.
      • your record will be useful for Master to give you OP status.
  • How to register with bot ?

  • 1. you have to send msg to bot (choose one only) 
        /msg Temasek  hello 
        /msg Pancaldi hello
       then waiting for reply   
    2. after bot reply to you, Don't say hi or sawadee to 
       any bot again, once only.  We are going to next , 
       to set your password 
       /msg (bot_name)  password  (yourpassword) 
       and waiting fo reply. 
    3. /msg (bot_name)  email  (your_email) 
    4. /msg (bot_name)  info  (your info) 
       info means some word about your self, when  
       you join channel bot will display this word for you. 
    5. for more info please /msg (bot_name) help 

    Remeber Setp 1 , Do it only ONCE 
    after bot reply to you don't do it again. if you have  problem with any command 
    just type   /msg   (bot_name)  help     or 
    you can specify you help as 
    /msg  (bot_name)  help  info  this means ask for help about info. 

    You can change you email, password, info or anything which you registed with bot by asking help for that command. 

    FAG about regis with bot
  • I do register but bot didn't answer or reply :-
  • Or why bot didn't say my INFO when I join channel :-

  • May be at that time bot is lag , so you have  to try next time when the network is good enough, or may be bot has some trouble itself. 
  • If bot didn't recognize you , that means you login from another account that you used to regis with bot so now you have to ident with bot again to add your account to user record, so bot will recognize you in every account you login :-  by doing this
    /msg (bot_name) ident your_password)  (your_nick) 

    for ex : 
    first I used to regis with bot using name GayThai by using account  abc@xyz.com , bot will remember me with this nick and this account. 
    One day I chance my account  to  xxx@xyz.com and join channel, Now bot cann't recognize me at all because I change my account. So I have to Ident 
    /msg (bot_name) ident (my_password) GayThai

Any problem : 
Please contact one of our OP 
on channel #GAMTH.
X How To Join Us
no fee, no application form, no payment
not even you are gay or not.
  • First, your should download mIRC Chat Program from http://www.mirc.co.uk (click below)
   Be sure to download the right version of your system. 
    16 Bit is for Win311 and 32 bit is for win95 & NT 
    (There are many Chat Program on the net, but here 
    we  will talk about mIRC only, but other chat program  
    can work as well) 
  • Second , Install mIRC in to your harddrive
  • Third, Run mIRC
  • Fourth, the informations you have to fill out are
    • your real name (we usually add something else) such as "Just a lonely guy"
    • your email address
    • your NickName
    • The Alternate , means the second nickname if your first nickname is already in used by someone on the net.
    NOTE : After connection, if both your nick are already used by someone you can change it later by type  /nick [newnick] on the status windows  then press enter.  
  • Fifth,you will see the list of irc server, choose one of the   EFNET SERVER on the list, then press enter .if you cann't connect to server , try again by using the others EFNET SERVER on the list. The server we usually use for example ;
    • irc.primenet.com
    • irc.voicenet.com
    • irc.ais.net    
    • irc.mo.net    
    • irc.ionet.com
    • and etc......
    you can type in the status windows as   
    /server irc.primenet.com  to change server without using menu File -> Setup 

    If you get error mesage  
    "host unknown"   or  
    "can not resolve host name " 
    you have to try to connect by using number. 

  • After connection etablished, type in the status windows as /join #gamth then press enter
  • I think you are now on our channel #GAMTH just tell every body there that you are new on our channel, they will help you a lot.
  • Anyway you can learn more about the command from mIRC HELP
    Where every you are, 
    Who ever you are, 
    What ever you are, 
    You are always welcome. 

    Good Luck and Have Fun 

    Channel Comments
  • Don't flood channel
  • Too many scripts or too much color full will be kicked or banned.
  • Rude behavior will not welcome here.
  • If you cann't read Thai, keep calm, just tell every body there, we can speak english also.

    Display Thai Font on mIRC
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       Click below ; 
     Copyright GAMTH 1997