Yes, a new year and a new background color - but, as always, a ten-pack of true beauties. Enjoy!

And now, KC presents September's Beauties!

I am so very pleased to start off year number two with a gorgeous lady who, besides looking terrific, has done more than just about anyone to open up the Internet to the sisterhood of feminine beauty! If you've ever visited the Above & Beyond web site and gone through the hundreds of pages listed there, you have enjoyed the handiwork of their webmistress, Chris Wells. But if you never stopped to visit Chris' own page, I hope you see now what a truly lovely lady you've missed. Without Chris and her hard work, sites like this one would never have existed and the shared experiences we all have had would never have occurred. And, frankly, this picture will prove that Chris is really pleasing to the eyes, too! Thanks for all you do, Chris - we love you!

This first picture's going to take a while to load, but tell me it isn't worth every pixel! If you can find a more electrifying lady than North Shore Lisa then let me know. She's can project an a air of feline femininity that is stunning, then turn around and show us a casual ease that still lights up the screen. Words really fail to capture the wonder she can create - so just sit back and her beauty rapture you!

We found Sandra Mursic of Stockholm on the pages of one of our favorite e-zines, Changez Le Monde. Sandra says she was afraid to appear at the beach, but we cannot imagine why she used to feel that way. She proves that Scandinavian beauty is not just for blondes, and that loveliness is truly an international language.

Be sure and visit Changez Le Monde, and see co-editor Gina Phipps in June of Year 1!

Adorable. Not a word people use much anymore, but the one that best describes Robin Lia. She has a winning smile which conveys her beauty so well, and the pose on the right just says it all. Adorable - that's Robin!

This is one of those hard decisions - Caroline has both this incredibly beautiful face and a very dynamic body, so which one to feature? I decided that you should see some of both, then visit her web site and enjoy all she has to offer! Caroline just has a hypnotic affect on the camera, and I suspect she'll have the same effect on our viewers - the truly lovely Caroline!

Update! Caroline has sent us two lovely wedding photos, just for our readers! Here they are - Photo 1 and Photo 2!

Bright eyes, an engaging smile, a perfect hairdo - how can you not fall in love with a face like Sarah's? And I suppose her silhouette might capture the fancy as well. Sarah has just started up her web page, but oh my, what a beginning! Sarah, keep up the lovely work!

Alison Mills is from the San Francisco area, and she says she likes posing for pictures. Well, Alison, we're all very glad you also like sharing your radiant beauty with all of us! A fantastic face and a pretty terrific figure go together to make a beautiful lady - Alison, we'd love to have you on our couch anytime!

Our second Swedish beauty this month, and a truly stunning one at that - please meet the attractive Alexandra Milton . Alexandra lives in Skåne, where the climate and the surroundings are lovely, and we know they are made even more lovely by Alexandra's presence! Equally beautiful in casual wear and formal gowns, you must agree: Alexandra's a winner!

Good ol' Texas, USA is the home of our next beauty, the lively and lovely Tina Knight. Tina's got a terrific look, with great hair (yes, hair is very important to Texas beauties!) and these wonderful eyes that just jump off the screen at you. Call her a Texas Tornado - we say Tina's terrific!

I am so excited to present this last lovely lady - this delicate beauty is Anri Amano of Tokyo, Japan! Anri's home page has been up only a few weeks (she asked me how I found it - but that's what I do best, right?), but it is FULL of incredible shots like these. And now she's opening a second site with pictures of her in costumes from geisha to dancer to cheerleader. This lady is so terrific, you have to see her - just be warned, her site's in Japanese. No matter, beauty like this is a universal language - you are wonderful, Anri!

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