Republic of the Philippines )
Makati City ) S.S.


I, Angelo SJ. Mawanay, of legal age, presently residing at Sta. Rosa, Laguna , and subscribing under oath, depose and say:

  1. I am known as "Ador", a name given to me by Mr. Arnold Clavio of DZBB, a Metro Manila radio station. I had approached Mr. Clavio sometime in June 2001 in respect of my information about the supposed links of Sen. Panfilo "Ping" Lacson in smuggling, sale of drugs and kidnapping. My supposed information led to my appearances in the Philippine Senate and in several television talk shows.

  2. I have received information that the individuals who had benefited from my "expose", as well as certain personalities who are fearful about additional information I possess, are now out to silence me forever. Thus, I am forced to execute this sworn statement to set the record straight, and as a lasting legacy for my wife and children. For, it is only my finally revealing the truth that I would find peace of mind.

  3. The government's accusations that Sen. Ping Lacson is involved in proliferation of illegal drugs in the country, and that he has acquired millions of dollars as a result therefore, which he has deposited in several bank accounts in the United States ARE ALL UNTRUE. In fact, the government continues, to this date, to hatch plans to falsely implicate Sen. Lacson in a series of drug busts.

  4. I have never personally met Sen. Lacson. I saw him up close for the first time only when I appeared before the Senate in August 2001.

    4.1. I hereby retract any and all statements I have made in any forum wherein I had met, seen, and spoken to Sen. Lacson prior to August 2001.

    4.2. Any statements I had made in any forum wherein I had met, seen and spoken to Sen. Lacson prior to August 2001, specifically, during the period 1998-2001 were either all under the instructions of Colonel Victor Corpuz, Chief of the Intelligence Service, Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP), or done after my reading news reports involving Sen. Lacson, and which were subsequently consented to and/or abetted by Colonel Corpuz.

    4.3. Any statements I had made in any forum wherein I had met, seen, spoken and received instructions from Chief Superintendents Michael Ray Aquino and Cesar Mancao involving illegal drugs, the murders of Edgar Bentain and Bubby Dacer, and kidnapping were pure fabrications formulated during my discussions with NBI Chief Reynaldo Wycoco and Colonel Corpuz.

  5. The supposed US$700 Million+ of Sen. Lacson allegedly deposited in bank accounts in the United States, Hongkong, and Canada, is also untrue, as I will explain below.

  6. 5.1 When I was taken under protective custody by the ISAFP in July 2001, I was asked by Colonel Corpuz's aide what I could do. I told them that I had experience in computer hacking. Upon knowing this, Colonel Corpuz approved the purchase of a computer and software. Colonel Corpuz instructed me to find and "enter" the bank accounts of Sen. Lacson. He also told me that, if possible, I should transfer the funds of said accounts (if any) into the Central Bank.

    5.2 I was not able to find any accounts belonging to Sen. Lacson. However, due to the "pressure" exerted on me to produce results, as well as their veiled threats that Sen. Lacson's men would hunt me down if the ISAFP released me from protective custody, I manufactured more than ten (10) bank accounts purportedly belonging to Sen. Lacson, which I misrepresented to Colonel Corpuz as having been obtained through my "hacking" efforts.

    5.3 I categorically state that these purported bank accounts, as well as the supposed bank accounts of President Joseph Estrada and Sen. Lacson, are all fictitious and mere products of my imagination.

    5.4 I handed over the fictitious data to Colonel Corpus, and told him that these data have to be certified and verified by the U.S. Attorney General.

    5.5 To my surprise, I woke up one morning to learn that the "unverified" data had been leaked to the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

    5.6 When Colonel Corpuz and I first appeared at the Senate in August 2001, Colonel Corpuz warned me that "kung magkaka-ipitan tungkol sa money laundering, ikaw ang ituturo na pinanggalingan ng lahat ng mga account." This statement was witnessed by my assisting counsel at that time, Atty. Argee Guevarra.

  7. By the latter part of November 2001, I was removed from the custody of the Intelligence Services of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (ISAFP) and was placed under the care of the Department of Justice (DOJ). According to Col. Corpuz, the ISAFP ranks had already been infiltrated and my continued stay there will do me no good.

  8. On December 25, 2001, however, then Secretary Hernando "Nani" Perez announced to the public that I was no longer under the WPP. Nonetheless, I remained under the custody of the DOJ helping the Government with some matters of sensitive nature.

  9. On December 30, 2001, the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo, called me up to ask if I can do something for him. He asked me if I could hack certain bank accounts in order to make it appear that funds were transferred from one account to another. I told him that I could do that provided that I was given the necessary equipment and software.

  10. 8.1 From that time, Mike Arroyo gave me allowances to sustain the daily expenses for me and my family.

  11. By March 2002, Mike Arroyo gave me instructions to transfer funds from Senator Lacson's account into eight (8) accounts of other people using fabricated documents. Unfortunately, this project was not successful, simply because I did not know if Sen. Lacson's accounts actually existed.

  12. 9.1 Because this project failed, Mike Arroyo stopped giving me the allowances that he used to provide me.

  13. Thereafter, I went on my usual business and lived my life normally. Then sometime in September, there were two(2) attempts to abduct my son at his school. Such attempted abduction would have been successful had it not been for the extra care that we took to ensure the safety of my family. The reason for this was because I have noticed heavily-tinted cars watching my house during said month. That was why we became extra cautious with our safety.

  14. When Mike Arroyo heard about what was happening to me and my family, he instructed me to hide out in Pampanga so as to ensure the safety of my family.

  15. Fearing for my life and that of my family's, I acceded to Mike Arroyo's instruction to hide at the Residence Inn at Clark, Pampanga. I stayed there during the month of October 2002.

  16. By November of 2002, he instructed me to transfer to Cherry Blossoms Hotel located at Ermita, Manila, where me and my family stayed. Mike Arroyo told me that he was going to send me a laptop computer, two(2) cellular phones (Noka 6210 and 6310, both of which had infrared capability), and several call cards which I will use for the special assignments that he allegedly wanted me to accomplish.

  17. 13.1 The laptop computer, the cellular phones and cell cards were delivered by his trusted lawyer and friend, Atty. Vic Padilla, who visited me at my hotel room almost everyday during the month of November 2002 and gave me daily allowances ranging from P5,000.00 to a maximum of P20,000.00.

  18. When I inquired about the special assignments that I was going to accomplish for him, Mike Arroyo asked me if I could do two(2) things for him, namely:

  19. a. If I could open email accounts for other people without them knowing it and send email correspondences between several people to make it appear that they were communicating with each other even if one person was situated abroad; and,

    b. If I could hack certain computer systems of banks both here and abroad and effect transfer of funds from one account to another without the parties knowing that such transfers were made.

  20. I told Mike Arroyo that I cold do both. However, I asked him for something in return: I told him to give visas to me and the rest of my family either to the United States or Canada so that we could relocate abroad and escape the hardships that we have been facing here in the Philippines ever since I went public about the exposes I made.

  21. 15.1 I told Mike Arroyo that I had been asking for the visas ever since I applied for the WPP but the Government has refused and/or failed to give them to me up to the present day. I told him that my name appears on the Hold Departure List at the Bureau of Immigration even though I will not be testifying in any court for any case since no case had been formally filed against Senator Lacson.

  22. Mike Arroyo promised that the visas will be given to me and my whole family but I had to do these special assignments for him first. Not having any other choice, I told him that I will do the special assignments.

  23. Thereafter, Mike Arroyo told me to open three (3) email addresses for the following persons:

  24. a. Senator Panfilo "Ping" Lacson;
    b. Michael Ray Aquino (who was located abroad); and
    c. A certain Chinese drug lord named Wang Ya Shi, who I am to make it appear as being known in the illegal drugs business as "Golden Dragon".

    17.1 According to him, the objective was to link Senator Lacson and Michael Ray Aquino to "Golden Dragon" to make it appear that they were communicating with each other and that Senator Lacson and Michael Ray Aquino were ordering "shabu" from "Golden Dragon." Moreover, he told me to make it appear that Senator Lacson was giving "protection" to "Golden Dragon" to shield him from Government raids and criminal prosecution.

  25. Given such objective, I opened three (3) email accounts for these persons and began writing emails using them. I would send an email allegedly coming from Senator Lacson addressed to Michael Ray Aquino or from Senator Lacson to "Golden Dragon" or from one of the three (3) to any of them.

  26. 18.1 I effect, what I did was to simulate a fictitious email correspondence between and among these three (3) individuals, whereas, in truth, I was the author of all the emails coming from each one of them. I made it appear that they were talking with each other through email messages.

    18.2 I was given liberty by Mike Arroyo to compose the email messages for each of them although Mike Arroyo or Atty. Vic Padilla gave me the general idea as to what should be contained therein. These messages were checked almost daily by Atty. Vic Padilla who visited me at my hotel room to check the progress of my work. He also reported my work to Mike Arroyo.

    18.3 I also prepared a few email messages between Senator Lacson, Col. Aquino and another fictitious drug lord by the name of "Flowing Dragon." At the proper time and venue, I will present all the email messages that I manufactured.

  27. With respect to the second special assignment, Mike Arroyo told me that he wanted me to hack into the bank accounts of Senator Lacson, whether here or abroad, and transfer Senator Lacson's money into his (Mike Arroyo's) accounts. He gave me the codes for three (3) bank accounts owned and controlled by him where I was instructed to transfer the funds of Senator Lacson.

  28. After some time, Mike Arroyo asked me why the funds of Senator Lacson have not yet been transferred to his three(3) accounts. I assured him that this will be done but I needed more time.

  29. 20.1. Actually, I was stalling the accomplishment of this second assignment because I felt that Mike Arroyo had no plans of actually giving the visas to me and my family. I knew that if I accomplished the second assignment, he could very well forget all about our deal concerning the visas.

    20.2. That was the real reason why I was delaying the accomplishment of the second assignment. I wanted some assurance that the visas will actually be given to me and my family.

  30. It is my hope that my revelations in this Affidavit will reach the hands of the proper authorities who will use it for good. I am hopeful that with these revelations, the truth will eventually set all of us free.

    Further affiant sayeth naught.