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"Good day, everybody. If it is a good day...Which I doubt." Eeyore greets you gloomily. "Welcome to my little thistle patch. Things are still a little chaotic around here, I'm continuing work on getting things unpacked and moved in. However, please stay and take a look around...you never know what you might find hiding under a thistle somewhere. :)"


Eeyore's Quote of the Week

Here is where a cool Pooh quote will be featured each week. It might be by Pooh or one of his friends and can be about any topic. The only thing you really can expect is that every week is bound to be different and exciting, so make sure you check out this place quite often. :)

"Hallo, Pooh," said Piglet.
"Hallo, Piglet. This is Tigger."
"Oh, is it?" said Piglet, and he edged round to the other side of
the table. "I thought Tiggers were smaller than that."
"Not the big ones," said Tigger.

- The House at Pooh Corner


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    A Poem by Eeyore

    Christopher Robin is going.
    At least I think he is.
    Nobody knows.
    But he is going --
    I mean he goes
    (To rhyme with "knows")
    Do we care?
    (To rhyme with "where")
    We do
    Very much.

    (I haven't got a rhyme for that
    "is" in the second line yet.
    (Now I haven't got a rhyme for
    bother. Bother.)
    Those two bothers will have
    to rhyme with each other
    The fact is this is more difficult
    than I thought,
    I ought --

    (Very good indeed)

    From The House at Pooh Corner by A.A. Milne


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