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Feeling a little lost? Don't know where to turn first? Well, this is the place to be. Look around and learn, and if you can't get your question answered here please e-mail me and I'll try to help you out.


Table of Contents

What's Where? Who is Pooh?
Where can I find other Pooh sites? How can I create my own homepage?
How does the general store work? How can I help out if I want?
Who in the world created this site? Can I advertise on your site?
How can I be considered for Kanga's Link of the Week? Is Roo's Playground a separate site or part of this one?


What's Where?

Want to know what each page contains without really going there? Well, here's the cheat sheet.

  • Pooh's Thotful Spot
  • Links to many other Pooh sites out on the Web
  • Lyrics to some of Pooh's hums and poems
  • Pooh's Trivia Quiz
  • Pooh's Daily Schedule and Riddle games.
  • Eeyore's Thistle Patch
  • Eeyore's Quote of the Week
  • Other quotes by Pooh and his friends
  • Pooh and Friends coloring pages
  • Thistle Hunt Game

  • Roo's Playground
  • TONS of cool links especially for kids.
  • Roo's "Roving Reporter" newspaper
  • Roo's Cool Link of the Week

  • Owl's Wolery
  • Links to books, magazines, newspapers, news, weather, foreign language, encyclopedia and other reference web pages.
  • Daily news and headlines
  • Owl's Thought of the Day
  • Owl's Word Find

  • Rabbit's Garden
  • Links to outdoor kind of places...environmental, gardening, vegetable and food web pages
  • Rabbit's Crossword Puzzle
  • Rabbit's Garden Game

  • Tigger's Bounce Place
  • Fun places
  • Comics Pages
  • Tigger's Maze
  • Tigger's Treasure Hunt
  • Tigger's Song Lyrics

  • Kanga's Kitchen
  • Kanga's Cool Link of the Week
  • Parenting & Recipe Web Sites
  • Ideas for Teachers and Lists of fun Poohish activities
  • Poohish Recipes

  • Piglet's Beech Tree
  • Lyrics to various Pooh songs
  • Links to arts and museum sort of sites
  • Piglet's Haycorn Mixup Game

  • Christopher Robin's House
  • Pooh's Post Newsletter
  • Pooh's Bookstore and General Store
  • Online Pooh greeting cards
  • Pooh Mailing List and Chat Areas
  • The Winnie the Pooh Dictionary
  • Pooh's Message Board, Autograph Book, Thank You Page and Answer Alcove
  • Pooh's Place Fan Club
  • Pooh's Place Employment Office and Information Wanted Board
  • Pooh's Post Office
  • Information about Ernest Shepard, A.A. Milne and Christopher Robin Milne
  • Information on the real Winnie the Pooh
  • Pooh's Voting Booth
  • Pooh's Place Site Notes, Staff and Awards Won

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    Who is Pooh?

    Happen to not know who Winnie the Pooh is? Well, this section will hopefully help you out. Also, a great place for people looking to know more about him.

  • Read the Winnie the Pooh FAQ to learn about Pooh and his friends and everything about them.

  • Check out Pooh's Dictionary. It will give you a great introduction to all things Pooh.

  • Go to Pooh's Thotful Spot and browse some of the other Pooh sites.

  • Check out James Milne's The Page at Pooh Corner page. It has lots of information about Pooh and his creator.


    Where Can I Find Other Pooh Sites?

    Looking for other Pooh sites? Well first check out Pooh's Thotful Spot. It has links to tons of other Pooh sites. However if you're still looking around for more after that I suggest you try one of the following search engines and search for the net for "Pooh": Yahoo, Alta Vista, Lycos, All-in-One Search Page, SavvySearch, Starting Point or WebCrawler. If you want even more search engines check out this page. It has a very complete list of all the ones that exist. Also, look on other Pooh pages for lists of other Pooh sites.


    How do I create my own homepage?

    Would you like to create a page like this one? Well, here are some great places to get started.

  • NCSA--A Beginner's Guide to HTML - Learn HTML, the language or actually commands you need to know to make your own page.

  • Crash Course in HTML - Another reference site for HTML

  • The Yale Web Style Manual - Yet another one

  • Geocities - Get a free homepage.

  • AngelFire - Another place which offers free homepages.

  • FortuneCity - Offering 20 MB of free space for homepages, plus free e-mail

  • Listbot - Start up your own mailing list to add to your page

  • Lpage.com - The World Famous Guestbook Server - Put a guestbook on your page.

  • Addicted To Showing Off With Animated GIFs - Put an animated GIF on your page.

  • Top Ten Ways to Know if you have a Bad Homepage - it's kind of silly, but nice nevertheless.

  • Mediarama's Color Page Builder - Find the right background for your page.

  • Netmechanic - For link testing and HTML validation.

  • SvList

  • Siteowner.com - A nice site to check out when you get your page up and running.

  • Delphi Custom Forums


    How does the General Store Work?

    Many of the pages within Pooh's General Store are in association with other companies, including Amazon.com, CDNow, Beyond.com and eToys. These companies take care of processing and sending out all orders you make.

    Pooh's Place does make a small profit from the sale of each item, but none of the money earned goes to the maintainers' personal gain. We are a totally non-profit site, so in turn, all money earned is sent directly to charity. However, we do still encourage you to come back to Pooh's Place and make your purchases directly from here whenever you want to order from any of these companies, since prices aren't any higher through here, than directly from the company and by ordering from us you'll be able to support Pooh's Place in the process.


    How can help out if I want?

    Pooh's Place accepts help from anyone who would like to volunteer. If you'd like an specific job, you can check out Pooh's Employment Center and fill out a job application. Otherwise, you can also assist us by letting us know of any other good sites which you're aware of and which we haven't linked to yet, whether that be Pooh related ones or other ones. We also accept any feedback about these pages that you'd be willing to offer (either good or bad).

    Additionally, we at Pooh's Place are always on the lookout for sponsors too. If you'd like to sponsor us or offer assistance in any way, just let the maintainer know.


    Who in the world created this site?

    Well, me -- Rebecca Stephenson. :) I'm currently a junior at Sweet Briar College and a big Pooh fan too. I've basically loved Pooh ever since I was really little, and basically just started this page a few years ago because I thought it would be fun to do. And while my free time has been extremely limited because of school recently, I'm still trying to keep this page up and running, simply because of all the wonderful comments and compliments I've gotten from all you visitors over the years. If you're interested in learning any more about me, I suggest you check out my homepage...it's also fairly Poohish. :)


    Can I advertise on your site?

    Sorry. At this point we don't offer advertising space for purchase on Pooh's Place, since it is against Geocities rules. They have been very nice to allow space for this page, and we do make it policy to respect their wishes. If we ever get our own domain name, then we can maybe talk about it.


    How can I be considered for Kanga's Cool Link of the Week?

    We accept no requests for consideration for Kanga's Cool Link of the Week. All sites that are selected are ones I and other members of the Pooh's Place staff find on our own. You can, however, submit your site for inclusion on one of the character's pages (such as Eeyore's or Kanga's or Rabbit's, etc.). That's a way to make sure we'll check it out and who knows maybe we'll select your site as a winner. :)


    Is Roo's Playground a separate site or part of this one?

    Well, it's kind of both. Roo's Playground is a stand alone site, however, it's closely associated with Pooh's Place too, including being the main link from Roo's Room. Basically Roo's Playground started out as Roo's part of this site, but it increasingly got larger and larger, until I felt it deserved the opportunity to expand into itŐs own site.


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