New Zealand (Maori) Pioneer Battalion Roll of Honour

France & Flanders 1916-1918

RESOURCES:©Pugsley, Christopher., (1995)., "Te Hokowhitu a Tu: The Maori Pioneer Battalion in the first World War." (pbk) $NZ 29.95 Reed Books, 39 Rawene Rd, Birkenhead, Auckland 10, New Zealand.

Roll of Honour - this list is merely for information, it includes names of european, maori and pacific island servicemen of the NZ (Maori) Pioneer Battalion.

Please contact the Consulate of the various countries, or Burnham Military Camp for NZ deaths, or purchase the above book which includes nominal rolls, next of kin and dates of death of polynesian names.

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Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/1007 ADAM Kiro Luke France
16/598 AKENA Rakapa UK
19840 ALBERT Windy NZ
9/1256 ALLISON William France
16/1392 ANARU Albert Paul France
19460 ANDREWS William Wilson France - accidental
16/583 ANGEL Edward France
16/1182 ANTHONY Manuel (of Avarua, Rarotonga) NZ
16/1365 APATARI Manu France
16/1139 ARII - *(of Avarua, Rarotonga) France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
19236 BANABA Beni NZ
16/435 BARTON Whare France
22759 BOURKE John Joseph France
19671 BRISTOWE Sam France after armistice
9/1014 BROOKE Burton France
16/1469 BROWN Henry France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
9/908 CAMERON John Donald France
19423 CLARK Clark France
20787 CONRAD Paki UK
16/1299 COOK George Gray France
9/1412 COOPER George Begg France
19564 COOTES Taipua Skipworth UK
16/260 COUPAR Simon James Stuart France
9/1274 CRAWSHAW Samuel France
19459 CURTIS Joseph France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
23150 DALE Charles Martin France
16/575a DANGER James France
19703 DAVY Para France
16/93 DELAMERE Heremata France - accidentally killed
19699 DICKSON Harry NZ
16/508 DOWNES Albert Malta ex-Egypt
16/373 DUFF Matene Rangiamohia France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
38513 EDMONDS Bennie France
16/579a ELLISON Thomas France
16/439 EMERY Peter Egypt
16/1509 EPIHA Daniel France
16/580a ERUERA Whiti France
7/1461 EVANS James France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/982 FAIRLIE Godfrey Alexander France
9/1007 FIELD Alfred Thornley France
16/1046 FILITOUA - *(of Makefu, Niue Island) UK
8/3579 FISHER Charles France
16/1480 FRENCH Samuel James Died at sea


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/65 GRACE Abraham Turei Egypt
19745 GRACE Samuel France
20711 GRAHAM George sea en route NZ


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
20811 HAENGA Heremia Tawhero France
16/1558 HAKARAIA John France
16/5 HALE Richard France
16/6 HAMANA Kingi UK ex France
16/536 HAPE Hona UK
16/750 HAPPY Dick France
19351 HAPUKU Manukea France
20769 HARDING Whetu France
19680 HARMON James France
7/2018 HARRIS Edward France
16/950 HARUITI Henry France
16/391 HEKIERA Remihana France
16/1320 HEMI Skipper Pori France
20069 HILL Hemi France
16/597 HILLMAN Charlie France (accidental - run over by vehicle)
16/1257 HINA Pera France
16/379 HIROTI Rangihiwinui France
9/1439 HITCHON Frank Horton France
19786 HOHEPA Puehu France
23/2204 HOLMES Arthur France
16/606 HOUIA Wiremu France
16/1442 HUKI Raymond en-route to NZ
7/2044 HUMPHRIES Thomas James France
20856 HUNIA Te Ruawai France
19355 HUNTER Jack France
16/1339 HURA Raukawa France
16/1238 HURIWAKA George France
20026 HUTA Mehana UK


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/240 JOHNSON William France
16/1453 JONES Charles France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/620 KAA Pekama France
60875 KAHAKI Whare UK
16/1062 KAIMANU - *(of Hikutaveke, Niue Island) Egypt
16/10 KAIPARA Autiri Pitara France
19634 KAIWAI Harold France
16/629 KAIWAI Reweti France
16/634 KANAPU Horomona France
16/937 KARA Taha France
16/1491 KARAPAINA Hakota France
19948 KARAPAINA Paratene UK
19860 KARAUIA Meihana France
16/394 KARENA Wero Mohi France
16/95 KAWHIA Eruera France
20678 KEMP Kawenata NZ ex France
20771 KEREAMA Hori France
20844 KIHI Pua France
16/802 KING Kohi France
16/621 KINGI Tauiti France
16/1018 KOHERE Henare Mokena France
20/598 KOKIRI Tango at sea enroute UK
16/552 KONUKE Pat France
16/643 KOPUA Whetuki France
16/1477 KORAKO H. *(Henry) France
16/399 KUMEROA te Aohau France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
16/1418 LAZARUS Jack France
20715 LEEFE George NZ
16/807 LUKE Peter France


Reg no Last name First name Place of Death
9/165 McINTYRE William Nicol France
23255 McKAY Robert Patrick France
19728 McLEAN Thomas France
16/809 McNICOL Duncan Bannetyne France
19562 MAAKA Henri UK
25556 MANGAROA Thompson NZ ex France
16/656 MANUEL Josiah NZ ex France
16/657 MANUEL Tiweka UK
19621 MARANUI Pona France
16361 MASON Harry NZ ex France
4/1128 MASTERS George France
16/663 MATANA Karauria France
16/1189 MATAU - *(of Arorangi, Rarotonga) France
16/810 MATENGA Tuheke UK drowned
16/1557 MATHEU Wetini France
16/1285 MATAI Tuherini NZ ex France
16/385 METE *(METEKINGI) Kingi Henare France
16/207 MIHAERE Taiamai France
16/1378 MITCHELL Ernest France
16/1089 MITIKELE - *(Moana of Alofi, Niue Island) Egypt
16/1088 MOKI - *(of Fatiau, Niue Island) UK
16/222 MOKOMOKO Nopera Hape Egypt

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