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    Jimmie Mercer's maternal great grand mother Margaret Lou FLOORE's ancestors and descendants.

    Drucilla Dorman and John Hopper b.1808-9 d. 1857b. are Jimmie Lee Oden Mercer's maternal great, great, grandparents
    Jimmie's maternal great grandparents are William Allen Hopper b. 11-7-1835 d. 2-21-1917 and Margaret Lou Floore b. 12-10-1843 d.4-26-1935. Jimmie has a picture of great grandmother Margaret Lou Floore Hopper. Margaret Lou's father is Ephriam Floore b.July 20,1796 d. Oct 24, 1876. Ephriam lived in North Carolina, mover to Warsaw, Alabama and then to Noxubee Co., MS. He raised his family on the Gholson Route were he farmed.. The family was Baptist. There were ten children: 1).William Hosea b. March 1818 d. Dec, 1950, married.by B. H. Woods, Minister, See Book A page 292 Noxubee Co. MS. to Ezilpha Jane Sparkman b.Sept. 21, 1821 d. 10/12/1887?? died at home in Gholson and is buried in Floore Cemetery 1/2 mile E. on Hwy 21(??) 2). Henry 3). John 4).Gray who married Frances Ward in Noxubee CO., MS and who died April 9, 1889 is buried in Pinetucky Cemetery West of Shuqualak, Noxubee Co, MS. 5). Benjamin E., on Jan 9, 1846 married Amanda Daniel by James R. Cagle, J.P. D.3 Book A page 209, Noxubee Co., Cir., Clk., MS. 6), Jane never maried and she and Margaret Lou were very close. 7). Margaret Lou married William Allen Hopper. Margaret Lou ran a milliery Shope in DeKalb MS. 8). Mary who married Frank Weaver. It is believed they are buried in the Clark Cemetery in Gholson, MS. 9). Nannie, and, 10). Linnie Susan b. 10/12.1835?? d. 1/21/1891 buried in Clark Cemetery close to Vernon Church, West of Gholson, MS 4 miles from Noxubee Co, MS. Linnie married George P. Vernon who did not return from the Civil War. The Floores lived in the Preston or Gholson Community in Kemper County, MS. Margaret Lour Floore's husband William Albert Hopper was a Confederate Soldier. At the end of the was he was a prisoner in an Indiana Prison and walked home to Kemper County. William Allen's brother Hugh Alexander was in the same prison and they came home together. Jimmie's maternal grandparents are Willie Ann Hopper b. 5-16-1862 d. 4-20-1898 and James Edward Clark b. 5-7-1856 d. 2-15-1937. We have pictures of both. Their daughter Maggie Lee Clark is Jimmie's mother. Their other children are Joe Allen Hopper b. 1891 d. 1966; Albert who died at age 21-22; Ottie who married a Guen(sp?) in DeKalb, MS; Walton who lived in DeKalb, MS; Calvin who moved to Talluah, LA; and R. Fred of DeKalb,MS, Jimmie's parents are Maggie Lee Clark b. 9-14-1889 d. 12-10-1981 and John Samuel Oden b. 6-14-1888 d. 1-11-1977. Of course we have pictures of Jimmie's parents and siblings and their descendants. Jimmie is the eighth of ten children of Sam and Maggie Oden and was born in July 18, 1925 at the Electric Mills, MS hospital and raised in Kemper County. The Oden Home Place which has been continuously lived in for over one hundred years is located in the Briggs Chapel Community on Hwy. 498 between Porterville, MS and Boyd AL not far from the AL Line. Write us at wmercer@myfamily.org to exchange our common Hopper, Dorman, Floore, Oden and Clark Surname information and to share with us your valuable comments and suggestions about our Web Site which is constantly under construction. Do you have your family information in GEDCOM format? We use PAF genealogy software; but, we do not have Jimmie's family data posted. We are in the process of doing so. We have almost all of Jimmie's family data in hand written form and we are in the process of trying to get the data posted to our PAF genealogy program and to this Web Site Page. Thanks again for contacting us. Your contact has made Jimmie a "happy cousin." Don't forget to sign in or to EMail us. Let's get in touch and keep in touch for we probably have a great deal to discuss and to share. Also visit our Web Site again real soon as we frequently update our site pages. We have a lot of related Oden and Clark information as well as Jimmie's Hopper line of descendants; but, practically nothing on the Dormans or the Floores but we are seeking.

    This descendancy chart follows the PAF format:
    Generation number--Name with Surnames in caps--PAF data base file number--Birth/Death year in ()--Comments

    26 Jan 1997

    1-- John HOPPER-10014 (1807-1857)
    sp-Drucilla DORMAN-10237 (1815-1901)
    .....2-- William Albert HOPPER-10025 (1835-1917)
    .......sp-Margaret Lou FLOORE-10074 (1843-1935)
    ........3-- Ottie HOPPER-10316
    ........3-- Willie Ann HOPPER-10279 (1862-1898)
    ..........sp-James Edward CLARK-10298 (1856-1937)
    ............4-- Maggie Lee CLARK-10824 (1889-1981)
    ..............sp-John Samuel ODEN-10823 (1888-1977)
    ................5-- Jimmie Lee ODEN-10873 (Jul 18, 1925)
    .................sp-James Wesley MERCER, SR.-10849(Sep 13. 1927)
    --NOTICE--The FLOORE Decendancy chart is under constant preparation.Your comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Jimmie and Wesley Mercer
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