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    Jimmie and Wesley Mercer's MYRICK relatives.

  • This is a partial chart of James Wesley Mercer, Sr.'s b. 1927 Macon, GA., paternal great great grandparents' descendants. We are searching for ancesters and descendants of Nathaniel MYRICK and Laurana WARD. We do not at this time know their parents names.
    If you are willing to share, we would love to have the opportunity to learn all we can about your MYRICK family. We have found that this work is like a hugh jig saw puzzle. Other pieces of family history, such as yours, may shead light on our research in unknown and unpredictable ways and vice versa. We hope we may be able to keep in touch and share research information .
    Write us Jimmie&Wesley Mercer at j.mercersr@att.net to exchange MYRICK Surname information and to share your valuable comments and suggestions.





    This descendancy chart follows the PAF format:
    Generation number -- Name with Surnames in caps --
    PAF data base file number -- Birth/Death year in ( )

    1-- Nathaniel MYRICK-56
    sp-Laurana WARD-57
    ----2-- Susan D. MYRICK-38 (1842-1908)
    sp-Alfred BROWN-37 (1839-1921)
    ------3-- Alfred L. BROWN-58 (1861-1861)
    ------3-- Ann NANCY-59 (1865-1924)
    ------3-- James William Franklin BROWN-60 (1868-1929)
    ------3-- Andrew Jesse BROWN-61 (1872-1945)
    ------3-- Thenia Rebecca BROWN-34 (1875-1899)
    ------sp-James Wesley MERCER-33 (1873-1907)
    ----------4-- Daniel Howard Sr. MERCER-20 (1896-1965)
    ----------sp-Lucy Leola ROWLAND-21 (1897-1979)
    -------------5-- Daniel Howard Jr. MERCER-39 (1921-1/10/2000)
    --------------sp-Mary SNELL-192 (1927)
    ---------------6-- Susan Joyce MERCER-193 (b.1948 d. 20Mar1997)
    -----------------sp-Robert DELLA VECCHI-196
    ------------------7-- Allison Joyce DELLA VECCHI-197 (1972)
    ------------------7-- Grant Owen DELLA VECCHI-199 (1974)
    ------------------7-- David Johnathan DELLA VECCHI-198 (1985)
    ---------------6-- Daniel Howard 3rd MERCER-194 (1950)
    ---------------6-- Janet MERCER-195 (b. 1953- d. 21Feb1996)
    -------------5-- James Wesley MERCER Sr.-1 (1927)
    --------------sp-Jimmie Lee ODEN-2 (1925)
    ---------------6-- James Wesley MERCER Jr.-3 (1950)
    ----------------sp-Teresa Elaine CASSELL-8
    ------------------7-- Ryan Eugene MERCER-9 (1978)
    ----------------sp-Betsy Lynn REID-461 (1964)
    ---------------6-- Gregory Michael MERCER-4 (1952)
    ----------------sp-Deborah Jane AUST-11 (1951)
    ------------------7-- Keith Allen MERCER-12 (1973)
    ----------------sp-Linda Diane DUKES-13 (1956)
    ------------------7-- Jesse Michael MERCER-14 (1980)
    ----------------sp-Mary GREER-462 (1943)
    ---------------6-- Cynthia Diane MERCER-5 (1954)
    ----------------sp-James Terrance BRENNAN-15 (1955)
    ------------------7-- Patrick Lanahan BRENNAN-463 (1993)
    ---------------6-- Patricia Annette Dawn MERCER-6 (1957)
    ----------------sp-Daniel Loren MANNING-16 (1956)
    ------------------7-- Loren Matthew MANNING-17 (1986)
    ----------------sp-Donald SUMMERLIN-190
    ------------------7-- Wesley Brayden SUMMERLIN-191 (1992)
    ------------5-- Emily Jean MERCER-40 (1930)
    ------------5-- Eunice Evelyn MERCER-41 (1933)
    -------------sp-Richard Earl BARNETTE-42
    ---------------6-- Shelley Diane BARNETTE-43
    ----------------sp-Michael RAPPAPORT-200
    ------------------7-- Michael Garrett RAPPAPORT-201 (1990)
    ---------------6-- Skylar Dawn BARNETTE-44
    ----------------sp-Jeffery Thornton SHERRILL-202 (1951)
    ------------------7-- Whitney Blair SHERRILL-204 (1984)
    ------------------7-- Austin Barnette SHERRILL-203 (1987)
    ---------------6-- Torri BARNETTE-45
    ------3-- Susan L. BROWN-63 (1878-1948)
    ------3-- Alfred Jr. BROWN-64 (1884-1930)

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