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PHOTOS of the WOLF DOG farm in 2005
I thank Alex Dunseith Jr. for the components of the following page. I had the good fortune of meeting Mr. Dunseith in July of 2005 and at that time, we both expressed our desire to find the Holland Centre area farm where so many scenes of the 1958 movie WOLF DOG were filmed.

I got so much out of that tour that I returned a few days later with a camera and captured most of the pertinent sights on film to share with other interested parties through this website. In 1958, this property was known as the 'Mel Hanna place,' across the road from Jim Kenifick's farm.

A 1957 Markdale Standard
article on the movie said Mr, Dunseith Sr. purchased the property from a Mr. Cecil Sutton about 1956. Farmer Ernie Plantt was apparently one who owned a farm shown during the opening scene of WOLF DOG.
Following WOLF DOG's credits, this locale is the first visual in the picture. A 1950 Ford "woody" drives past the camera, which was situated at this approximate vantage point. In 1957 the curvature of the road was unimpeded by the line of trees that blocks the view in 2005.
The Ford "woody" continues past this barn and marsh. The prominent tree to the left in this photo is not visible in the movie.
Continuing on, the "woody" passes this barn, which Alex Dunseith Jr. confided once belonged to Ernie Plantt, a local gent now deceased. Mr. Plantt became well-known locally after surviving being taken up in the air, then thrown to the ground by a tornado just outside of nearby Williamsford.
The "woody" passes the Plantt barn (left), then a bank of trees on the left of the road. The Plantt driveway is visible and just as the car reaches it, there is a dissolve into a scene shot in Markdale.
House And Barn
A telling comparison shot of the WOLF DOG house in the late fifties (above) and in July 2005 (right). The climactic shootout scene in the picture was filmed right here.
This hayfork mechanism may be a remnant of the barn shown in a number of scenes. It was located across a stream from the house. Alex Dunseith Jr. claimed to recall many mornings crossing that stream to get to the barn.

WOLF BITES: "I got this farm as an inheritance, but I vowed I'd rot before I'd sell out to Krivak."
(Former Marine Colonel Byrneen to Jim Hughes)

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