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Interviews - Alex Dunseith Jr. on Alex Dunseith Sr.
      During a recent event involving my place of employ, a co-worker mentioned a name which rang quite familiar to me from my researching the film "WOLF DOG." That name was Alex Dunseith. Doing a little followup research with the little info I had to go with, I found the gent's telephone number and made a telephone inquiry and found this Alex Dunseith was in fact the son of the late Alex Dunseith who had been heavily involved in the making of "WOLF DOG" and Regal Canada's other movie from the late summer of 1957 - "FLAMING FRONTIER."
      Alex was just public school age when the events surrounding WOLF DOG came to be. His father, by this time,  already enjoyed a well-rounded career in television and wrestling circles. He had appeared in several episodes of TV's "Last Of The Mohicans" (starring Lon Chaney Jr. and "Wolf Dog" actor John Hart) as a stunt extra, when he decided to move into the Holland Township acreage where many memorable scenes of WOLF DOG were filmed. It appears some movie men came to the Dunseith door and seemed interested in the family's half-wolf dog, "Nash" for a movie project. Alex Jr. said that Nash had been found the same way as "Dog" was found in WOLF DOG. An acquaintance came across this injured part wolf / part dog, then the Dunseith household took the wounded creature in.

     He believes the dubious dogfight scene which caused such a stir in Markdale was actually between the family's two farm dogs. He claims Clem Krivak's black Alsatian dog "Thunder" was played by the Dunseith's other farm dog and that the two canines didn't have to coaxed too hard into a fight. They had 'rehearsed' many times back on the farm! As Mr. Dunseith Sr. was a consultant for animals on "Last of the Mohicans," Nash made some appearances on that program, also.
A colorized photo of Alex Dunseith Sr. (left) & John Hart (right) clowning around between takes of
"Hawkeye and the Last Of The Mohicans."
Besides being a member of the 1950s  pro wrestling scene, Dunseith appeared in "Hawkeye," "Tugboat Annie" & a number of early Canadian TV shows as a stuntman.

                              ~Photos Courtesy Dunseith Family Collection
    While Alex' memories of his times as a little boy on the Holland Twp farm are fleeting and few, when taking a recent drive with me to find the property, he had little difficulty remembering the landmarks. Apparently, he and his siblings used to make the long walk down 20th Sideroad when they wanted to get to town. He also pointed out part of their school bus route to Chatsworth Public School.

     When we arrived at the old brick farmhouse, I recognized the layout immediately! Over a dozen scenes were made on the farm. The old barn has since been dismantled and the log cabin in a field has disappeared, but as I walked across the grounds with Alex, I felt WOLF DOG coming to life almost as much as it does for me everytime I pass the newspaper office, or old fire hall building in Markdale!
1. A winter shot
of the former
Dunseith farm home,
located in the
Holland Township
Courtesy Dunseith Family Collection

2. The farm's location as depicted on a Yahoo! map.
It is north of Holland Centre on the East Back Line, just south of #10 Sideroad
      Alex Jr. has himself enjoyed an interesting and memorable career as a stunt double in the Canadian filmmaking industry, appearing in bit roles and as a stunt horseman in several Canadian and international film projects. He joined Paul Hutton, doubling for Tony Brown in a scene where Tony and the dog look peer over a cliff at cowboys driving cattle through a river.

      His film career started early, when as a small boy his father's clout helped him get into scenes of "Last Of The Mohicans." He is listed in the Internet Movie Database as having appeared in "Treacherous Beauties," a TV movie made for Harlequin. He also did stunts in the "Lonesome Dove" & "Night Heat" TV series, as well as various other productions!

     Looking at these photos, I declare that Alex Dunseith Jr. is the spitting image of his late father, the only difference being that "Dad was about a half-foot taller."

      He speaks with dismay about the initiative by incoming California Governor Arnold Schwartzenegger to keep all Hollywood film projects in Hollywood, USA and away from important international locales, such as Toronto, Canada. The directive would surely sound a death knell to what was once a flourishing Canadian cinematic industry.
Mr. Dunseith Sr. leans on a piece of farm equipment in the field where Andy Bates and Jim Hughes had one rip-snorter of a fist fight in WOLF DOG.
~Courtesy Dunseith Family Collection
& take a
PHOTO TOUR of the old Dunseith property in Holland Twp!!
The senior Alex Dunseith appears as a pioneer settler in "Medicine Man", an episode of the 1957 Canadian-made syndicated TV series "Last Of The Mohicans", starring John Hart and Lon Chaney Jr.       -Courtesy Normandie Films, copyright 1957
Dunseith, a resident of Holland Township at the time, appeared as one of the Putnam County townsfolk in a scene from WOLF DOG (1958), starring Jim Davis, Allison Hayes, Tony Brown, Austin Willis & John Hart.        -Courtesy, Regal Films Canada/20th Century Fox, copyright 1958

WOLF BITES: "Without your stripes, or your uniform, you're nothin'....Jus' plain yellah..."
(Andy Bates to his former Marine Sgt.  Jim Hughes)

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