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Interviews - ROGERS Cable TV coverage of WOLF DOG - June 2005
Cameras on Markdale's Streets Once More
     On Monday, June 20th, ROGERS Cable television videographers Kris Bernard and Philip Lubert met with Ron Wyvill and Paul Hutton of Markdale, Canada and Jeff Wilson of neighbouring Dundalk for local news coverage about WOLF DOG, a 1958 Hollywood picture that was filmed in Markdale. The feature ran on the Owen Sound affiliate's "First Local" newscast for that week.

     The segment featured Wyvill, Hutton and Wilson reminiscing about their discovery of a rare copy of WOLF DOG & their continuing discovery of recollections & remembrances of the celebrity surrounding the event. They also touched on the film's  present historical value and the possible future benefits their findings could mean to the village and surrounding area.
On Wednesday, June 22, 2005 ROGERS Cable TV videographers Kris Bernard and Philip Lubert revisit locations where the 1958 movie WOLF DOG was filmed in Markdale. Ms. Bernard conducted script / interviews and Mr. Lubert designed, conceived and edited the piece for the "First Local" newscast.
    With Kris and Philip coming to Markdale later in the week for shots featuring the movie's Markdale locations, one was reminded of how exciting the filming of this movie, temporarily titled "A Boy & His Dog" when in production in 1957, must have been for residents of Markdale at the time. The whispers among curious townsfolk questioning what was going on, adults querying the crew as to when and where the piece would air and excited young children hollering out "Markdale is gonna be on TV!"

The concept that the event has been recorded for all time enters one's mind, but of course, that is how people felt when WOLF DOG was filmed, before the movie all but disappeared for over 40 years. Let's hope this recent video piece is kept forever and that it remains the key to this special part of Markdale history remaining available to residents for time immeasurable.

For this, we will all owe Kris, Philip and Owen Sound ROGERS Cable TV a huge vote of gratitude. Thanks for coming to Markdale and sharing our vision! All the best in the present and best wishes to you and all your endeavors of the future!

~Jeff Wilson

P.S. Thank you Philip for the following letter I received from you...

                                                                                                            July 8th, 2005

Hi Jeff,

This is
Philip Lubert, the cameraman/editor of the news piece Kris Bernard and I did on WOLF DOG in June. I am so pleased to see a link to the work we did on your website and I hope it is having an effect with local people and perhaps beyond.

I have spent many a happy hour assembling the various material we gathered and hopefully presenting the movie and the historical significance of the movie in a way which enhances your cause. If there is anything else I can assist you with in that regard, please do not hesitate to contact me.

I have made a DVD disc of the complete movie for you, plus the news clip in high quality - I am just sorting out with Rogers how it is to be sent to you - could you confirm the postal address as the P.O. Box in Dundalk?

Lastly, Rogers TV will be re-visiting Markdale and the "WOLF DOG" movie as part of our vignette series - the producer and contact for that will be Adam Oliveiro and I have given over to him the original work and movie clips for that purpose, so as they say in the business, "watch this space."

Many thanks,
Philip Lubert
Videographer/Cameraman, Rogers TV

Thanks in largest part to Philip's efforts, DVD copies of WOLF DOG have been installed (available for viewing or borrow) in the GREY ROOTS HERITAGE & VISITOR CENTRE near Owen Sound, Ontario and the WALTER HARRIS MEMORIAL PUBLIC LIBRARY in Markdale, Ontario.

Thank you Philip for your kind involvement in this significantly important venture!

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