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April 5/08 -  I wanted to pass along that my internet friend Clayton Self, webmaster of "The Forest Rangers" (1963-1965) fansite, is planning a 50th Anniversary Reunion of the classic Canadian TV series in the year 2013! Back in 2004, Clay held a very successful 40th Anniversary at the original site of filming. Even fans of this well-loved CBC show came out to celebrate and they are welcome again for the 2013 bash!  Many of the series' cast was present in 2004, including Rex Hagon, Susan Conway, Ralph Endersby, Peter Tully, Syme Jago, Jesse Cahoon, Tom Harvey, etc, etc. I plan on being part of the TFR's 50th and on having a great time. If you remember the series and are at all interested in being part of this terrific event, please contact John Deakin at
    Through Clay, I recently found out that "Wolf Dog" star Tony Brown appeared in one episode of "The Forest Rangers" second season! He would've been around age 17 when he played the title role in the 1964 episode "Lennie".

January 22/08 -  Ron Wyvill really outdid himself tonight! This was Ron's night to shine and how brightly he shone! Not only did he wow us with his pre-movie presentation on "Wolf Dog", his technical wizardry continues to blow me way! Teresa Pascoe also made a terrific presentation on behalf of the Markdale Chamber of Commerce, whom we all hope our "Wolf Dog" screenings can boost! Teresa had some good news! The Municipality of Grey Highlands has turned over the responsibility of applying for a Trillium grant to the Chamber. This news was good in the sense that the Firehall's future is now entirely in their hands and the community has been thus far strongly supportive of their efforts and plans to renovate the beautiful old building on Main. Once more, our humble thanks to all members of the local media for publicizing the event! It was even flattering to be called "Mr. Davis", following my video PowerPoint presentation as Wolf Dog star, Jim Davis! This video can be seen on YouTube at this link: Wolf Dog Slide Show.
     Anyway, what a special time we had tonight at the Walter Harris Library! So many people were interested in seeing the actual film and secondary features. We seem to be getting this better every time and its really having an effect! There was even an Q & A session at the end of the show.
     As a footnote, Ron and his wife Lynn will make a presentation to the Friends of the Library about their amazing Sept. '07 trip to China! Watch for a spectacular literary project by Lynn to come out in the near future! As a foot-footnote, I have been asked to produce a book about my "Wolf Dog" findings, a copy of which shall be furnished to the Library. Details of this venture (such as it is) will appear later in this "blog".

January  19/08 - I received an email from Josh Isaacson recently telling me he has posted the second part of his interview with me on his "Teddy Ruxpin Online" website. I shared my recollections from my 1986/87 stint as a key animator on the old "Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin" television series.Josh posted my photo of the old Crawley Films/Atkinson Film Arts building on Fairmont Street in Ottawa on the same page: Jeff Wilson Interview. I also found he had posted a great interview with my former coworker Brian Lemay, who was integral in keeping all of us working at our animation disks and not on the streets begging! His interview is found here: Brian Lemay Interview. Brian is the only person I ever met who loved Roger Ramjet cartoons more than I did. Not only a brilliant talent, but known in the industry as a prolific artist who now teaches animation online. "Mr. LeMazing" has been on faculty with several big animation schools, including the world-class Sheridan College classical animation program. As a footnote, in his photo of the "Grundo Beach Party" in Feb/87 (page #2 of his interview), see if you can find yours truly in the pyramid of humanity...

January 11/08 -  Ron Wyvill and I met with Beth Kennedy, Head Librarian at the Walter Harris Library tonight, setting up for  the WOLF DOG screening on Tuesday, January 22nd! I should point out that Beth is a good longtime friend of mine and a big-time booster of my "up-and-down" cartooning career. Thanks to Beth, there are many "Jeff Wilson" caricatures gracing walls in the Markdale area and beyond. Maybe even the odd refrigerator door! Really looking forward to our "Wolf Dog"  screening for the Friends Of The Library on the 22nd of this month!

November 23/07 -  A pretty interesting night, having "Wolf Dog" screenings as a guest player at Markdale Chamber of Commerce's annual Moonlight Madness event. The weather for watching a movie wasn't entirely pleasant. Quite C-O-L-D in fact, but there were lots of shoppers around the village taking advantage of this event by the Chamber. Ron Wyvill is really getting this movie screening thing down perfectly!! Could he have been a projectionist in a previous life? He's a natural! Thanks once more, Ron! The screenings took place behind where the fire department were autographing their annual calendars. The firefighters had lots of visitors, as did Jolly St. Nick. Our "Wolf Dog" audiences were curious and keen participants, if sparse in terms of numbers. One couple talked about the potential for a locale like the Olde Firehall for showing movies to youth. This was one of the points made in a brief film we screened tonight, which was produced by Kate Russell and the Markdale C of C. We were welcomed with a well planned out, albeit temporary, 50 seat theatre set up by some very keen Chamber of Commerce volunteers. Thank you  to the Chamber, the Markdale Standard and the Dundalk,/Flesherton Herald/Advance for the advance support! Thanks to Rob Sweiger for another great chat about Markdale in the late 1950s, 1960s and 1970s! Nice to finally meet and chat briefly with the Chamber's Kate Russell. Ms. Russell was once involved in producing domestic documentaries for independent Canadian filmmakers, including the original, non-theatrical version of "Shake Hands With The Devil".

November 14/07 -  Ron Wyvill and I met with Teresa Pascoe tonight at the Olde Firehall building, to rehearse for the "Wolf Dog" screening, in conjunction with "Moonlight Madness". This will be an interesting experience, as it will give the community a sense of how the space, once renovated, could be used for other such productions. This could be an excellent concert/theatrical locale. Hopefully Mr. and Mrs. Markdale can see the possibilities...

August 03/07 -  Finally getting a chance to update the website a bit. By the way, Markdale-Grey Highlands, Chamber of Commerce and Ice Cream Festival have now linked to this site! If you happened to miss seeing it, I have added an entire page devoted to the July 6th screenings. Also, Ron Wyvill emailed me the other day to say the Chamber of Commerce is considering holding another WOLF DOG screening later in 2007!

July 06/07 - The film "Wolf Dog" is still pretty special to the citizens of the town where it is best known and best loved. I was shocked, pleasantly and humbly,  at the spectacular coverage by Lori Ledingham at the Markdale Standard! A "Wolf Dog" graphic I had designed to promote today's screening filled the entire front  page of this week's issue!! Thank you for the great coverage, Lori and  the Standard! Again, my humblest apologies for my earlier unfair comments about you in this "blog" (Lori helped me understand that this "Search Diary" IS what one constitutes as a "blog" !). Thank you for all that you do for our community and keep up the great work!
     "WOW", would be the best word to describe what I felt when every seat in the temporary theatre at the MIX Tap & Grill was filled today for the first ever screening of WOLF DOG in Markdale! Each of the subsequent screenings were even BETTER attended, with standing room only for our final show at 9:00 pm. I have to commend Ron Wyvill, whose hard work really made this WOLF DOG fly. Ron wasn't well that day, suffering a migraine and working on two hours sleep before his 8:15 am interview with
CBC Radio. Ron was a splendid host and I am a fan of his technical wizardry! It was great to hear old WOLF DOG stories and to meet folks who were glad to take part in this event. I was pleased in particular to meet Grace Kell, who informed us she appeared in the drug store scene reading a magazine! Finally, thanks to the Todd and Kelly of the MIX Tap & Grill , Teresa Pascoe, Kate Russell and Wayne Fitzgerald of the  Markdale Chamber of Commerce.

June 10/07 -  Everything in connection with the proposed July 6th WOLF DOG fundraiser for the olde fire hall at the MIX Tap & Grill in Markdale appears to be in motion. Our media blitz will take place within the week. (Probably beginning this coming Friday, June 15th). I am getting very excited and nervous. Preparation will be the key. I have the PowerPoint presentation completed and the poster design has the approval from all concerned parties. AT LAST, WE ARE ABOUT TO SHOW THIS PUPPY!! Yeah! I hope you'll join us on July 6th at the MIX TAP & GRILL!

Links to this website have yet to appear on the Markdale Chamber of Commerce website, the Grey Highlands Municipal website, as well as the Ice Cream Festival website. I've done my best here! Again, we'll wait and see...

June 5/07 -  Joined Ron Wyvill at the MIX Tap & Grill for a technical "dry run" through the WOLF DOG film and my PowerPoint presentation. The movie projected fine, but some technical difficulties developed with the PowerPoint presentation. If all else fails, I may have to give a brief speech on the pertinent facts of the movie. Planning another "dry run" on June 18th.

Glad to meet with Teresa Pascoe, president of the Markdale Chamber of Commerce and Wayne Fitzgerald, past president of the Chamber. We hashed out final details of the media campaign. I have composed a "press release"  for local media outlets. Received an email later in the day from Kate Russell, Manager and Event Coordinator of the Chamber of Commerce confirming she found this fansite on the World Wide Web. She appeared to be impressed with the hours of research I had done in tributing the movie. I had hoped they could link this website to that of the Ice Cream Festival, Chamber of Commerce and Municipality of Grey Highlands, but nothing like that has appeared as yet.

April 10/07 -  Joined Ron Wyvill at the MIX Tap & Grill for a luncheon meeting with Teresa Pascoe, President of the Markdale Chamber of Commerce and  proprietor of the MIX, Todd McNally, about details for showing WOLF DOG to raise funds for the old Fire Hall! The date for the screenings are slated to be July 6th, 2007 in conjunction with the Markdale Ice Cream Festival Cruise Night and Bavarian Gardens. The Ice Cream Festival is moving from its previous traditional August Civic Holiday Weekend to one week following Canada Day Weekend. I discovered at this time it would not be possible to have a replica of the 1950 Ford "woody" wagon depicted in WOLF DOG for display at Cruise Night. Otherwise, it is coming together nicely! This is a dream come true!

March 22/07 -  Ron Wyvill has more information on the WOLF DOG showings. They are slated to raise funds for the old fire hall building and will be held at the new MIX TAP & GRILL near Markdale's Main Corner! That's all I can share for now.

December 08/06 -  I have just talked on the phone to Ron Wyvill, who has some good news about the possibility of involving WOLF DOG in a very important community project. I hope more details can be released soon, but so far I can tell you that it involves a certain historic Markdale landmark and it is one that makes a prominent appearance in WOLF DOG! Stay tuned to this page and to the local media outlets in case they are interested in coverage!

October 20/06 -  I have been in touch with Josh Isaacson, webmaster of an online fansite for a 1987 animated TV seriesI was privileged to be involved in, "The Adventures Of Teddy Ruxpin". Josh has revamped his site and a 1999 interview with myself appears at this link: Teddy Ruxpin Online - Jeff Wilson Interview. Its possible Josh will add to this interview and to the site at a later date. He is attempting to produce a TV documentary featuring interviews with myself and others involved with the production, so stay tuned to his "Teddy Ruxpin Online" site over the coming weeks and months.

September 17/06 -  I have just viewed two episodes of "Hawkeye and the Last Of The Mohicans", which showed several scenes of Alex Dunseith, the one-time resident of the Holland Centre farm, where select scenes of the 1958 film WOLF DOG were made. In both 1957 Hawkeye episodes of "Medicine Man" and "The Contest", Dunseith is employed as a special business extra, performing thespianesque tasks in his scenes. Episodes of "Hawkeye" are available on DVD at and other fine online vendors. They are produced by the "Platinum Disc Corporation" and "Alpha Video Classics"

August 07/06 -  I have joined webmasters of the Forest Rangers and John Hart fansites to try to convince Pickering, Ontario City Council to name a street in memory of the "Hawkeye" TV series. Today, I received a rather official looking email from Mr. Neil Carroll, Director of Planning and Development, City of Pickering, informing Clay Self, Steve Jensen, Ian McPherson and myself that the municipality has decided against naming a local street "Hawkeye Drive", favoring naming new streets after Pickering war veterans and firefighters who lost their lives in the line of duty. While impressed they are remembering local heroes, we are understandably disappointed and pondering a new approach. Any suggestions, or ideas are actively welcomed by all of us.

December 12/05- Submitted an article to local media outlets to promote the copy of "Wolf Dog" furnished to the Walter Harris Library, which Philip, with his vast skills of video wizardry, produced himself. Same was published in this past Dundalk/Flesherton Herald/Advance. I am genuinely thankful to Mr. Matt Walls and Ms. Mary Fowler at the Herald/Advance for their steady support of this effort and for kindly publishing this article, which can be seen here on this website. My apologies to Ms. Lori Ledingham and the Markdale Standard for the rather bitter comments I'd previously posted here. While I was disappointed there was no mention of it in the issue at this time, they give the community excellent news coverage and continue to be extremely supportive of all things "Wolf Dog"  - see what I mean in my July 6th, 2007 entry!.

June15/06 - Received an email today from Ms. Muriel McCrabb, a friend of this website and a friend of mine. Muriel informed me that Ms. Ruth Graham is involved with another film project entitled "Congratulations Daisy Graham", by Toronto-based independent film-maker, Cassandra Nicolaou. One of the locales chosen for this screenplay is none other than the Vandeleur area farm of Ms. Ruth Graham. I hope to hear more about Ms. Nicolaou's film, as well as learning more about her other film work. I wish both Ruth and Ms. Nicoloau the very best with this exciting project and sincerely hope Ms. Nicolaou will contact this website with updates on her film, such as when and where it will debut!

July 15/05 -  I have just had the good fortune to meet Alex Dunseith Jr., son of Alex Dunseith, the professional wrestler/movie stuntman who was probably responsible for WOLF DOG being shot on his Holland Township farm and indirectly, the streets of Markdale, Ontario. See the exciting details passed along by Alex on his "Interviews" page (click on corresponding link after hitting the Interviews link at the bottom of this page) which I will soon have posted. Many thanks to Alex for taking me on a foot tour of the former Dunseith farm and pointing out so many fascinating landmarks! Alex has some photos of his late father's former farm and he may be willing to share with me for posting on this website at a future date! Stay tuned!!

Today also, I received by mail a DVD of the interview of myself, Paul Hutton and Ron Wyvill about WOLF DOG by Kris Bernard and Philip Lubert of ROGERS COMMUNITY TELEVISION in Owen Sound. While the Walter Harris library does not yet have a DVD of the actual film WOLF DOG, I will have a copy made of this newspiece for their archives, so that anyone who wants to know more about WOLF DOG will know how and where to look! Thanks Kris & Philip for your kind assistance!

July 12/05 - Thanks to the kind assistance of Philip Lubert, who was the videoographer/editor of the WOLF DOG news article on ROGERS COMMUNITY TELEVISION in late June, I have been in contact with Mr. Stuart Reid of Galaxy Cinemas Owen Sound "Gallery Night At The Movies," in collaboration with the Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery. I queried Mr. Reid about the possibility of WOLF DOG being added to their impressive roster of independent cinematic classics. He replied that the film sounded like a good fit and that he would pass the idea over to the staff co-ordinator. So far, so good! Thanks so much again, Philip!!

June 22/05 -  Perfect! That's how I described the video session with Kris Bernard and Philip down in Markdale this afternoon! Both Kris and Philip felt a tour of the WOLF DOG Markdale filming locales would just bring the piece to life. Unfortunately, it was just me and the camera this time, but I totally agreed that seeing the actual places filmed will make all the difference for "our" piece. Sorry, they helped me to fall in love with their media, so I couldn't help considering myself a part of it!! Again, the piece is set to appear on Rogers over the coming weekend (Saturday, June 25th, through Sunday, June 26). Thanks Kris and Philip for what you've done and for the opportunity of meeting you both and enjoying your company!! I really sense that the profile of WOLF DOG in our community will skyrocket after your coverage! Keep up the extradordinary work and I truly hope to meet both of you again!

June 20/05 -  Ron Wyvill, Paul Hutton and I were able to finally meet Kris Bernard in person at the Rogers Cable station in Owen Sound. The attractive and genial Kris made us all feel at ease and comfortable, as she interviewed us. She was accompanied by her volunteer cameraman Phillip. The session lasted all of 20 minutes and will be aired over the coming weekend on Rogers Owen Sound. I suspect they got some excellent material! Kris and Phillip suggested that Markdale Cable may air the segment, also. Phillip made a great suggestion: that we propose WOLF DOG to the Galaxy Cinemas "Art Film" series, sponsored by the Tom Thomson Art Gallery. Kris called me later this evening to request my presence do some on-location footage to augment the piece further. I agreed and hope to do so later this week.

May 24/05 -  Things just didn't work out today for our plans to have Rogers Cable, Owen Sound come to the old "Markdale Garage" site (current Markdale Standard office) to interview Paul Hutton, Ron Wyvill and myself. It turned out to be computer problems in their Owen Sound studio. A new date will have to be set up for the interview

May 17/05 -  Finally feeling well enough to go back to work and function in most normal ways again. Things are getting exciting in the WOLF DOG arena of late! A couple of very exciting developments in fact....

First of all, ROGERS Cable TV is coming to Markdale on May 24th to do a "First Local" feature on the WOLF DOG story! I set up the date with Reporter/Producer Kris Bernard, who will arrive to do the feature at 3 pm. On hand also will be Ron Wyvill and Paul Hutton. I am going to let local print media know to show up, also. If none do, I'll still submit something to them.

Second of all, I recently heard a co-worker mention about a name I got to know very well in my research of WOLF DOG...Alex Dunseith!! It seems this is the son of the big man'who was the link to this whole event and he lives not far from my home here in Dundalk! I recently had a very enjoyable conversation with Alex Jr. and want to post a page devoted to this at my "INTERVIEWS" link. Alex indicated he would like to take a drive with me up to the beautiful Holland Twp. farm where so much of the filming took place. I hope to get some great photos and some recollections from Alex about himself as well as his fascinating memories of WOLF DOG.

April 12/05 -  I have been in recovery from sinus surgery and am just feeling up to getting back to some WOLF DOG queries again. Anyway, I happened to be surfing the net the other day and noted that ROGERS Cable TV is actively enlisting suggestions for documentaries and news stories!! I submitted the idea of doing a documentary about the WOLF DOG story. Today I received an email reply from an interested Don Jackson, a supervising producer from their head office in Barrie. He wants to produce an "First Local" story ("First Local" is ROGERS' nightly local news package on their community channels) on WD and said a producer will be in touch in the near future. I have let Ron Wyvill know and hopefully, he can get Paul Hutton and Jerry Bartley onboard, so we might plan to get together to make it a good story!!

March 22/05 -  Its was simple as that! As my friend Gary Pearson told me once, "It never hurts to ask, no matter how unlikely the odds the answer will be yes." I had the good fortune to speak to Ms. Effi Eustace of FOX Incendo Television today and she was very helpful and sensitive to the MOVIE NIGHT project we were working on. I won't go into details, but due to the fact that I have been persistent in my queries about WOLF DOG and owing to the fact that this project is happening to benefit a charity, FOX has granted special rights to our enclave to have a public showing of WOLF DOG. I feel as though I have been through a long & exhausting wrestling match and one of the opponents have just said "uncle." Whew!

March 21/05 -  As I have said, I'm so busy lately. I have gotten into WOLF DOG so heavily and I have sinus surgery coming up in early April. Between searching for this stuff, doing my freelance cartooning/graphics job and a new part time business I have taken on, doctor's appointments....oh yes, I have to fit a full-time day job in there also.....anyway, Effie Eustace recently passed along the Criterion Films idea which was passed along by the Minister of Culture. I followed up on it, but the result is the same - it would be too financial prohibitive not only for Markdale, but for FOX. I have let Ms. Eustace know this and hope to hear back in the next day or so.

February 21/05 -  I have had an extremely busy couple of months, but am finally getting back to my WOLF DOG search. I received an email from Effi Eustace today to say she was considering my requests to have projection rights for WOLF DOG. I know this is not going to be an easy thing to put together with such a rare and old film. First of all, 20th Century Fox doesn't even have a copy of it in their archives! It will be interesting to see how financially prohibitive this project would be for them AND we here in Markdale. Still, its well worth a try!! In reference to the request for DVD or VHS copies of WOLF DOG for the local library system, I received a letter from the Minister of Culture, thanks to help from Grey Highlands MPP Jim Wilson. It seems that the only hope I have is through Criterion Films, a division of FOX. So far, this lead is a dead end, but an interesting one at that.

December 12/04 -  I just received a wonderful email from Ron Wyvill about the interviews page I posted about the November 12th WOLF DOG NIGHT. He has showed all his friends and relatives the page and reports that he is looking forward to working with me to (hopefully) creating a WOLF DOG MOVIE NIGHT to raise funds for the new Markdale Hospital sometime in Spring 2006. Step one before getting this even going will be getting approval from the distribution department of FOX Incendo Television Canada. I have put the wheels in motion in this regard with an email and telephone call to my contact there, Ms. Effi Eustace. Details forthcoming, we hope! I also showed my friend Jack Randall Earles the interview page featuring WOLF DOG NIGHT and he raved about it, also. Merry Christmas, everyone!!!  ~Jeff

November 12/04 -  What a great time we had tonight at Ron Wyvill's house, just north of Markdale! Ron has built a state-of-the-art basement theatre in his home that would make Louis B. Meyer jealous! On hand to discuss WOLF DOG, besides Ron and myself, were Rotarians Jerry Bartley, Paul Hutton and my good friend, Mike Anderson. The Rotary Club is quite interested in creating some community event surrounding WOLF DOG in the near future. We just had a great time discussing the events surrounding the filming of "A Boy And His Dog" (The film's original working title) and the personalities who appeared as extras. Some of these were well-known in the village's life back in 1957. I'd like to  thank Ron for making it happen and for the wonderful hosipitality he showed to all of us in his home!!  I'd also like to thank Jerry, Paul and Mike for their participation in an enlightening history exchange and of course, for a great time! Thanks guys!!

November 1/04 -  Sorry I haven't updated this recently. I see it has been almost a year since my last entry and lots has happened since Nov/03. My interview with Austin Willis in Jan/04 (see INTERVIEWS ink below...) among the highlights. At the suggestion of a good friend, I called upon three area MPPs and today received a reply from Mr. Jim Wilson (MPP Simcoe-Grey, local member for Markdale and the Municipality of Grey Highlands), who has asked Hon. Monique Meilleur to make WOLF DOG a "historic property". This means it could soon be legal for locals to view copies of WOLF DOG through the local Grey Highlands library system. It would be great to have copies from the master copy at the Library of Congress in Washington for this purpose, but we'll have to wait & see. Meeting wih Ron Wyvill of Markdale in late November about WD!

November 25/03 - HOT DOG!!! Forgive the pun, but this may be the moment we've all been waiting for! Today I received an email from a visitor to the site (thanks Jack R!), who is wiling to make available a copy of Wolf Dog!!! Jack is a huge Allison Hayes fan and purchased his copy from Ebay, where he assures it turns up from time to time! We are exchanging emails to work out some details, but one of his requests is to hear any and all recollections people have about ALLISON HAYES, while on the set of Wolf Dog! So there! All you visitors, keep those "Allison" yarns coming in, OK? Let's keep our paws crossed...!!

November 21/03 - Wow, I'll be! I found out today that someone surfed in to our little website from all the way down in San Francisco, CA! Thanks for posting your note in the guestbook, Sidney Bloomberg. (See also Oct 14/03 entry on THIS page). I was interested to read that since my telephone inquiry, Sidney's had THREE requests for Wolf Dog and it reads like he.... and at least three others ... have a revived interest in finding this rare gem on celluloid.

October 24/03 - I received an email from Mick LaFever today to say he was still persisting in his inquiries with actor John Hart about the copy the 85 year old actor claims to have of WOLF DOG. Mick wrote: "Jeff, I haven't had any luck getting WOLF DOG from John. I don't know if he has it or just thinks he has it, but I am working on it". I am not sure if I wrote this in the earlier entry about Mick, but he is keenly interested in seeing the movie, also. No word yet from the media about a news piece.

October 19/03 - A couple of days ago, a professional colleague of mine suggested we go on a progressive promotion of our hunt for "Wolf Dog". I seem to be the "man with the plan", so it befell me today to  compose a letter to the New VR, Barrie and send it off. We'll see if the letter inspires any coverage. I have several other media outlets in mind to try, also. I hope the inquiry will convey the value in this quest of ours to the general public. Public support and participation in this quest is invaluable. 

October 16/03 - I thank Ron Wyvill for his update about his brother Don's quest to secure a copy of "Wolf Dog" at the Library of Congress in Washington, D.C. We have come up dry once again! " Quoting Ron, He (Don) has been in contact with the Library of Congress. They will not release the movie without permission of the copyright holder." Don was also in touch with a video company which, for a fee, promised to purchase the rights to a specific title, then produce VHS and DVD copies for the client. This lead has come to a screeching halt, also.

October 14/03 - Today I contacted 83 year-old Sidney Bloomberg, a former Fox publicist, now retired and living in San Francisco. Mr. Bloomberg knew about "Wolf Dog" and said he has had a couple of inquiries about it from other people. He said at least one of them is a big Allison Hayes fan. He claims this is one he has absolutely no access to and has no interest in pursuing, because it would require more resources than his 83 year-old frame would muster. Mr. Bloomberg was surprised at how much I knew about Allison Hayes life and her ultimate demise from lead poisoning. As we talked about this film, he confided he knew her quite well in his capacity as Fox publicist. We agreed she was a terrific actress who never reached her potential and died far too young. Mr. Bloomberg said he and even his mother warned Allison about Gloria Swanson and the notorious Dr. Bieler (whose advice she began to heed around the time "Wolf Dog was made), but Allison  would not be dissuaded. "As soon as she met them, her life was ruined", he said.

Late Sept/03 - I owe a  huge debt of gratitude to Steve Jensen for a correspondence with Chuck Campbell, a visitor to Steve's "John Hart" site. Chuck emailed me the name and address of a former 20th Century Fox publicist who claimed to be able to locate any movie ever filmed! To date, I've not been able to connect with Sidney P. Bloomberg, who is reported to be 86 years of age and currently residing in San Francisco. Thanks to the help of people like Steve and Chuck, hope truly remains supreme!

Early Sept/03 - I had the good fortune to correspond with Steve Jensen, who has a website devoted to John Hart ("Andy Bates" on Wolf Dog. See John's BIOGRAPHIES writeup, which has a link to Steve's site, or link to it here) and he kindly referred me to John's representative, Mick LaFever. I asked Mr. LaFever to see if John would pass along any memories about the film and Mick's prompt reply contained some shocking news. John himself apparently owns a private copy of Wolf Dog! Now, Mick is in regular contact with John and has been asking to view the film for some time, but John has yet to grant his request. Mick has promised to keep me abreast of this development.

April 15, 2003 - I received an email reply from Les Adams, from Abilene,  Texas, answering some questions I had over a review he wrote of "Wolf Dog"  on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) website. He had some interesting info on where one might find a rare movie in VHS, or other video format: a video store in L.A., called "Eddie Brandt's Store". Adams recalls seeing the movie in its first run at a theatre in Abilene and saw it again in the late 1970s on a cable station based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Because of the latter fact, Adams was convinced a copy of the movie must exist somewhere. This is the latest viewing of the film I have documentation on.

April/03 - One lead I am currently following thru on (thanks to my letter from Les Adams) is with Eddie Brandt's store in L.A. They claim to be able to find ANY movie, no matter how rare. They are not giving up, though they've found nothing to date. I happened upon a webpage by an Ernest Dick, film archivist/historian from Nova Scotia. Mr. Dick was seeking legal advice (mass reproduction rights for clips of many films) for a DVD version of Austin Willis' memoirs. Mr. Willis is living there, having retired to his home area. The site displayed Mr. Dick's email address, so I made an inquiry about Wolf Dog. Mr. Dick said he had talked to Mr. Willis about Wolf Dog and said that a version (albeit incomplete) of it is stored at the National Archives of Canada. This lead turned out to bear fruit, as according to their database, this version (sans reels #3 and #6) was donated to the NA of C by Bellevue Pathe films (now Astraltech Inc.) in Montreal. I am currently pursuing more info at this source also.

  Ron Wyvill  has reported trying a film rental agency out of New York. He has tried 20th Century Fox in Canada, but wants to try the L.A. office in the near future. Ron, his brother Don and I recently discovered a complete print of the movie at Washington D.C.'s Library of Congress, a wonderful archive of media and pop history. Sadly, written permission from 20th Century FOX is needed to view the film. The L.O.C. will not copy it either. They can set up a viewing in the facility, but any reproduction of the material is strictly prohibited. Last I heard, Don was looking for a video production company to buy reproduction rights, so a copy could be purchased for the local library system and other resource facilities. A service club, or private patron would be sought to finance the project, but I have no recent updates on the status of that venture.
The Search For WOLF DOG
  The film  was produced under the working title of "A Boy And His Dog" by the Canadian  subsidiary of Regal Films Inc. and distributed by 20th Century Fox.  It was made a generic "North American" picture, rather than Canadian, or American. I presume that it would lean more toward being "Canadian", because of Allison Haye's odd line near the end of Wolf Dog: "Jim, remember that old Yankee song we used to love so much - 'Come Again Good Fortune, Where Have You Been So Long?'"

Until just recently, there just did not appear to be any complete copies of WOLF DOG anywhere,  as Ron Wyvill could plainly tell you. He was one of the several young people  who clamored to be an extra and realized he was successful when he saw himself in a scene in "Wolf Dog's" Owen Sound theatre run. In the 1980s, Wyvill became curious of what became of the movie and made some benign inquiries to certain people concerning this. His curiosity increased and eventually led him to TV Ontario's Elwy Yost, who gave him some leads that sadly, led only to more dead ends. In the course of his search, an ugly rumor began to surface that every copy of the movie had been purchased and destroyed by someone in the film industry, a practice that was common for the time.
It  was originally thought that it might be a great project for a local patron, or the service clubs to arrange a screening of it at a local facility. Ron Wyvill had probably the best idea, as far as I was concerned: having his brother-in-law, Dave Armstrong broadcast the film on Markdale Cable TV. However, there seems always to be this issue of getting the rights to show the production. Getting a copy is the dream that came true. The right to show it publicly seems at issue now. The most logical recourse would be having DVD copies installed at the GREY ROOTS facility and WALTER HARRIS LIBRARY, Markdale, Ontario
Any leads, information and assistance in the quest for a clean, complete print of "Wolf Dog" would be greatly appeciated. Any other ideas for the betterment of the website? Email me via the link below.

-Jeff Wilson

Just A Quick Note...
   The composer/conductor for the score to WOLF DOG was the eminently talented musician John Hubert Bath. Bath went on to compose many Canadian and Hollywood musical scores, including the memorably hummable theme of
THE FOREST RANGERS! (Listen to the closing flourish of Wolf Dog and you'll hear a familiar ending to many a "Forest Rangers" show!) I checked out Clayton Self's TFR fan site at the previous link and found that John's daughter Felicity had signed their guestbook, Adding an email address! I tried to contact her this way, but sadly received nary a reply. Felicity, if you're out there and you ever surf in, PLEASE contact us and share any memories you may have about your dad's participation in WOLF DOG. There, the public service portion of this write-up comes to a close!

    In August of 2006, webmaster of THE FOREST RANGERS website, Mr. Clayton Self, confirmed for me that all of the incidental music used in WOLF DOG, was later used in THE FOREST RANGERS series. Documentation of this fact has been made on this page:
There is what I have written in these pages and then there are OTHER fascinating tales of the beautiful Ms. Hayes. As did many other  Hollywood starlets of her era, Allison was known to have used her "feminine wiles" to try to work her way to the top in Hollywood. In fact, a recent source alleges that Allison may have had a brief dalliance with an "animal consultant" on Wolf Dog. This source believes a photo featuring Allison with this gent may have ended up in someone's personal collection.
   Sadly for  Allison, fate stepped in far too early and harshly. Early in her career, she had a whirlwind marriage to a Ford Motors executive, followed by a immediate annulment. At least one stunning nude photo of  the buxom young Mary Jane Hayes can be found on a "nude celebrities" internet site. The late director Roger Corman related a humorous memory of the late cult siren. Allison was trying to get off the rain-soaked  set of the film "Gunslinger" and approached Corman asking, "Who do you have to sleep with to get off this picture?"  I heard this great line used on a Benny Hill Show bit years later. Now I finally am privileged to know the true source!  Many allege Allison did purposely injure herself to be taken off the film, but whether she planned the accident or not will always remain part of her mystique. She is credited with saving millions of lives singlehandedly, having exposed Dr. Bieler's lead-laced calcium supplements to the light of scrutiny. The American FDA eventually turfed the product off the market, due only to Allison Hayes' selfless efforts. an incredible woman, who also happened to be a wonderfully talented actress.
   I have noticed in all my "thank yous" to other people for their contributions to my endeavor to re-discover WOLF DOG, I missed one very special person, my beautiful and talented sister Andrea (Wilson) Dyck, of Calgary, Alberta. Much of my "Lobby Cards" page is in place thanks only to Andrea's enviable computer skills and websurfing expertise. She found all six of the page's B&W lobby cards at THIS SITE sourced in Great Britain, which offered the shown lobby cards for sale (very bottom of the page). Thanks again, Andrea! Without your imput, the site just wouldn't have been what it now is!

"Bob, all of life is a mean business. A man's gotta fight all the way, all the time."

Clem Krivak to Sheriff Mace in Wolf Dog

LOBBY CARDS II  (Allison Tribute)
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