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- The true story behind this movie -

INTRODUCTION: Production Details and Background Information about the upcoming L. Ron Hubbard Movie 'Battlefield Earth'*. 'BE' based on a Novel from the Wifebeater, Child Kidnapper, Bigamist, Conman, Antichrist (or here) and Fascist (or here) L. Ron Hubbard, better known as the Founder of the Cult 'Church of Scientology'**.
Hard to believe that such kind of a person gets honored from Hollywood with his 'own' movie. The real goal of this movie - including a huge advertisement campaign from $cientology - is to establish an identity for Hubbard other than as the founder of a controversial religious movement. His broadened appeal can then be used to recruit new members into the Church of $cientology (Co$)!

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Note: This Website is NOT affiliated with the official Website from Warner Brother or Author Services Inc. (aka. the criminal cult $cientology)!
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Movie Reviews!

"Battlefield Earth" may well turn out to be the worst movie of this century.
"Plan Nine From Outer Space" for a new generation.
New York Times (Reg. required)

More Reviews:
Rottentomatoes (69 Reviews)
Movie Review Query Engine (148 Reviews)
Roger Ebert (Chicago Sun Times) - Mr. Cranky
3 Reviews from Aint-It-Cool-News - Harry Knowles (Aint-It-Cool-News)
Lerma's Official Trash 'Battlefield Earth' Page 120+ Reviews
Roger Ebert & the Movies (Realvideo)



Was 'Battlefield Earth' really a BESTSELLER?

$cientology claims that 'Battlefield Earth' was an international bestseller and 5 million copies were sold! But the truth is quite different. Scientology sent staff members out to buy the books back. With this SCAM they 'created' more than 18 bestsellers and the illusion that L. Ron Hubbard is still a hot author!
Here is a quote from the San Diego Union (April 15, 1990):

"Five, six, seven people at a time would come in, with cash in hand, buying the book," said Dave Dutton, of Dutton's Books, a group of four stores in the Los Angeles area. "They'd blindly ask for the book. They would buy two or three copies at a time with $50 bills. I had the suspicion that there was something not quite right about it" Dutton only suspected what others claim to know for fact. The book's sudden success, say dozens of former Scientologists and book dealers, was the result of a church plan to create the illusion of L. Ron Hubbard as a hot author. The church, they say, sustains the myth - 15 New York Times best sellers and counting - through dubious marketing tactics and the manipulation of an obedient flock of consumers. The church's orchestration of best sellers, say former Scientologists, is merely a public relations means to a larger end. The goal is to establish an identity for Hubbard other than as the founder of a controversial religious movement. His broadened appeal can then be used to recruit new members into the Church of Scientology."

San Diego Union (April 15, 1990):'Hubbard Hot-Author Status Called Illusion'
TIME Magazine (May 6, 1991): 'Scientology: The Thriving Cult Of Greed and Power'!
Los Angeles Times (June 24-29, 1990): 'The Scientology Story'! Excellent Series!
Part 5 of the 'Scientology Story': 'The Making of a Best-Selling Author.
Costly Strategy Continues to Turn Out Bestsellers!'
Bent Corydon (1996): L.Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?
The L.Ron Hubbard "22 Best Sellers and More To Come". PR Image Scam: Or How To Be A Bestselling Author By Buying Your Own Books.
Arkansa Democratic-Gazette(Aug.29, 1999): BOOKS: The teachings of L.Ron!

QUESTION: Will $cientology buy tickets to push 'Battlefield Earth' into the No. 1 spot of the boxoffice?


Makes $cientology Money with this Movie? Ohh Yeees!

The filmmakers from 'Battlefield Earth' claim that there is no connection between 'Author Services Inc.' (ASI), the organisation which sells the trademark 'Battlefield Earth', and Scientology.
Don't take their word for it.
According to the Scientology-IRS Agreement the shares from ASI are in the hand from the 'Church of Spiritual Technology' (CST) (Co$-IRS Part IV No.6) aka. the 'L. Ron Hubbard Library'. CST is part of the Scientology crime-syndicate.
'Author Services Inc.' (ASI) was founded 1982 to manage Hubbard's affairs as a writer. L.Ron Hubbard is their only client! From 1982-1987 David Miscavige was the boss from ASI. Since 1986 he became also the dictatorial leader of Scientology (C. Owen)!
Ask yourself, why are the Top-Officials from ASI (like D. Miscavige, N. Starkey) today the Top-Officials from Scientology?

ASI was the secret commmand line from Scientology at this time (R.V.Young, J. Atack).
The staff members are of course Scientologists!
Further ASI claims that the money goes to 'Charity-Groups'. These are nothing else than Scientology 'Front Groups', like 'Narconon' or the 'Association for the Better Living and Education' (ABLE). Again Scientology claims that there is no connection between these organisations and Scientology.
Another LIE! According to the Co$-IRS Agreement these Front-Groups are Scientology-related entities (Co$-IRS Part.VIII No. 4, Part V No. 3)
'Bridge Publications' is the publisher of the book 'Battlefield Earth' and all other books from
L. Ron Hubbard! Bridge Publications is another 'Front-Group' from $cientology (Co$-IRS Part VIII No.3)!

Summary: All the money ASI makes with selling the trademark 'Battlefield Earth' goes directly to $cientology!

Jon Atack (1990): Short Intro about 'Author Services Inc.'!
Mean Magazine (Oct.-Nov.1999): John Travolta: The Star Who Ate Hollywood!
NOW Mag (08-05-99): ASI sold the rights to 'Battlefield' to Franchise Pictures.
Variety (02-15-00): Scientology to get 'Earth' toy money!
N.Y.Daily News (02-16-00): An L. Ron Hubbub Over Flick!
Arnie Lerma (02-20-00): Ex-Scientologists speak out about 'Battlefield Earth' and 'ASI'.
Robert Vaughn Young (02-20-00): L.Ron Hubbard's Mission Earth: The rest of the story!
Hubbard's editor and ghost writer tells the story behind Author Services Inc.
Robert Vaughn Young (?): Sea-Org Control in Scientology ('ASI' - No. 59)!
Chirs Owen (11-03-97): Author Services Inc.!
Chirs Owen's excellent essay about Piercing the corporate veil: the true structure of Scientology!
Co$ - IRS (1993): Closing Agreement!
More to come!


Comments about the 'Movie':

The 'hidden' Scientology-Story in 'Battlefield Earth'!
An introduction about Scientology context in the movie! Also: How Co$ compares Psychiatrists with RATS!
L.Ron Hubbard on 'Battlefield Earth': Psychlos = Psychologists!
L.Ron Hubbard in his own words!
Washington Post (Nov.28,1999): John Travolta's Alien Notion.
Excellent article from the Washington Post about 'Battlefield Earth'!
'How ASI - Scientology handles Movie Magazines'
Mark Ebner reports how Scientology tries to suppress any criticism of the movie!
Threat Call from $cientology?
The Movie Page CHUD.COM got a call from Scientology! Co$ doesn't like the 'BE' coverage!
'Battlefield Earth' the No. 3 favorite book in the U.S.?
An example of Scientology-Propaganda!
'Battlefield Earth' the No. 1 Science-Fiction book of the century?
Ever heard from the 'American Book Readers Association'?
Travolta never read the Sci-Fi books from L. Ron Hubbard!
John Travolta accidently admits to have no knowledge about the Sci-Fi books from Hubbard.
'Entertainment Tonight'(ET): Front Group from $cientology?
About the odd coverage from 'Entertainment Tonight'.
Subliminal Advertising in BE?
I don't believe it, but check it out for your own.
'Battlefield Earth Profits'
A Letter to the Editor by Shy David.
Book Review/Comment by Marc Lipshitz (June 30, 1999)
'Battlefield Mirth'(Jan 15, 1999)
Roland Rasleigh-Berry about Battlefield Earth and Scientology!
Writing to Oprah!
Several times now Oprah Winfrey have let John Travolta onto her show to shill for Scientology. This is a letter Jim Beebe sent her asking her to think about this again. He never got a reply.


Script Reviews:

Script Review from Dr. Benjamin Wog!
2 Script Reviews from Mean Magazine!
Script Review from Stax (FlixBurg)!
Script Review by $cientology!


The 'Battlefield Earth' Soundtrack!

Maybe you never heard about it, but according to $cientology L.Ron Hubbard is the greatest Music-Maker of all time. One of his 'masterpieces' is the 'Battlefield Earth' Soundtrack, which according to the Scientology-Webpage is the first-ever musical soundtrack to a book. It offers 13 compositions by L. Ron Hubbard. Yes, Elron wrote it all alone. Scientology claims that critics declared this soundtrack as a most “auspicious recording debut.”
Well, so far we couldn't find one critic who wrote a positive review about this album. Truthfully, many don't even know that this Soundtrack excist.
Do they really use this soundtrack? Yes, they have no choice. Not using this soundtrack would mean that Hubbard's was not good enough. To criticize L.Ron Hubbard in any way is to be considered as a 'high crime' in $cientology.
But even I have to admit that sometimes they are telling the truth on the Scientology-Webpage. They call L. Ron's composition, performance or arranging "unique". Well, this at least is true. :)

Peter Gilstrap from the NEW TIMES LA calls the 'Battlefield Earth' Soundtrack a SCAM! You can listen to Sound-Samples, composed by L. Ron Hubbard! Yes, L. Ron composed it all alone. :)
Sound Samples: 1 ; 2
Don't miss this 'Masterpiece'! Who is singing here? L.Ron Hubbard himself! Realplayer

L. Ron Hubbard analyzed all kind of music styles and found out breathtaking discoveries like:

"A piano is an instrument and blues is a musical form. "
L. Ron Hubbard

Did you know this? :)

QUESTION: If the Filmmakers don't use the 'Battlefield Earth' Soundtrack from L. Ron Hubbard, does this mean that L. Ron's was not good enough?


Overlord XENU

Fun with John Travolta - Pictures - !

Travolta on Leno/Tonight Show with NEW CLIP!
Travolta/Terl with new SHOES! :)
Pictures from 'Battlefield' Toys.
Pictures from the Movie.
Will John Travolta looks in 'BE' like in this PICTURE? :)
Listen to John Travolta in Realaudio. He talks about Scientology and Battlefield Earth! Click here!
John Travolta's Lover!
John Travolta and the Space Cooties!
XENU goes to Hollywood! The evil galactic overlord ruler XENU made a special appearance (PICKET!) at the 'General's Daughter' movie premiere to bring best wishes to John Travolta!
More media coverage about 'Battlefield Earth' from XENUTV. Click here!


Book Reviews:

Economist (April 7, 1984): "L. Ron Hubbard's Science fiction".
Analog (Feb. 1983): "Battlefield Earth".
Washington Post (Oct. 10, 1982): "A Pulp Masters Return".
L.A.Times (Nov. 21, 1982): "The future for L.Ron Hubbard".
San Francisco Chronicle (Aug. 8, 1983): L.Ron Hubbard in Print Again".
Punch (April 4, 1984): BE: A Saga of the Year 3000".
Magazine for Fantasy & Science Fiction (March, 1983): "Battlefield Earth".
CINESCAPE (Feb. 15, 2000): "Battlefield Earth".
L. Skywalker (March 29, 2000): "Battlefield Earth".
Publishers Weekly (Aug. 13, 1982): "BE: A Saga of the Year 3000".
Best Sellers (Jan. 1983): "BE: A Saga of the Year 3000".
Library Journal (Oct. 15, 1982): "BE: A Saga of the Year 3000".
Thomas Disch (1998): "Science-Fiction as a Religion".


Scientology's Celebrities

How Tom Cruise and John Travolta con Fans and Media!? Click here!
More Information about Scientology's Celebrities on F.A.C.T.N.E.T.
Here is Part 2: "The Selling of a Church. The Courting of Celebrities!" from the Los Angeles Times series 'The Scientology Story' (June 24-29, 1990)!
"Church wields celebrity clout": Part 5 of the excellent series in the Boston Herald!
Scientollywood: Control on Movie Contents.
Catcha Rising Star [Tom Cruise]!: Premiere Magazine Sept. 1993.
No More Mr. Nice Guy [Tom Cruise]!: Los Angeles Magazine (Oct. 1993).
Stars dimmed in cautious handlers' grip!: Chicago Sun Times (July 1999).
Irish Times (Jan.15, 1997): About the Stupidity from Actors!

Here are some great quotes about actors in the Irish Times:
"And the reason such people with personalities marked "To Let" become actors is obvious to anyone who knows them well - they have nothing of value to say about anything, at any time. Nothing. That vast hangar that is the mind is empty, ready to be filled with other people's words and other people's passions and other people's characters. And so such people embark upon what is usually a financially ill-rewarded career, willing enough to perform on any stage, in any soap, in any drivel, in order to appear in public pretending to be somebody else. [snap]
Most actors are as stupid as decapitated ostriches.[snap]
Not surprisingly, such people - whose low self-esteem is probably the only sound judgment they are capable of - are suckers for sects which involve personality worship, self-denigration, financial sacrifice and brainwashing. [snap]
...but their real wisdom is such that they should not be consulted on the mulching of a flower bed, never mind the running of a country. The same goes for the many Hollywood actors - such as Tom Cruise and John Travolta - who have embraced that organised oddness called Scientology - formed by its founder, L. Ron Hubbard, after returning from a trip to Venus [Realaudio]! [snap]
They cannot even manage that small service of silence, for they are too stupid to know how stupid they are![snap]


Will $cientology chase and harass movie critics, who write negative reviews?

"People who attack Scientology are criminals."
L. Ron Hubbard ED 149 INT, 2 Dec 1966, "Branch 5 Project, Project Squirrel"

"Scientology Inside Out": Any journalist who wants to investigate Scientology should read Robert Vaughn Young's Quill article.
The Quill (Nov.-Dec.1991): Read what happened to the reporters from the Los Angeles Times, who wrote the excellent series about $cientology (June 24-29, 1990)!
Why Channel 4 (UK) got harassed from $cientology?
More about the harassment from Channel 4 (UK) on this Webpage
Bostonherald (March 19, 98):"CoS probes Herald reporter - Investigation follows pattern of harassment!"
Washington Post(Dec. 25, 1994): "The Church's War Against Its Critics....and Truth!"
Persecution of Ex-members, current members (RPF), Authors & critics by Scientology!


LOOK! It's Elron! He's auditing a tomato!

Click on Hubbard's picture to listen to Elron saying:'There was no Christ!/
(Note: Copyright by 'Rex Features Limited')

No Christ

More about L. Ron Hubbard!

According to Elron you're full of dead space aliens! Listen to Elron in his own voice!
To find out if Elron is crazy then follow this link. Is Elron Crazy?
"Bare Faced Messiah: The True Story of L.Ron Hubbard! Excellent biography by Russell Miller.
Documents of a Lifetime - Hubbard exposed! Key documents which expose Hubbard's falsehoods.
Tom Hanson (Literary Review, 1999) has the following to say about Ron the Poet: "But he was, even by generous standards, no poet." "People who think glibly tossed-off verse is good poetry will like this book. " minimally poetic,.."
More Poets from Elron's own Webpage!(Note: This is a Scientology - Webpage!)
L. Ron created $cientology! What is Scientology?
Still not enough from Elron?

Ron the War Hero!
Inside the cult L. Ron Hubbard is attributed with a fantastic past and incredible insight, though most of it can be traced back to, and only verified by, L. Ron Hubbard himself. This is a closer look at his claims about being a war hero.
Scientology Founder: What A Nut!
The SMOKING GUN thinks that the "Dianetics"** author had a few screws loose. FBI files, which prove that Elron was not only crazy, he was actually a petty thief!
L. Ron Hubbard - A Profile! A Parody in Realaudio.
$cientology vs. Other Faiths! Is Co$ compatible with other Religions!?
Narconon! Drug Reformers or $cienotology Front Group?
Scientology & Totalitarianism
A very well argued and documented senior thesis looking at Scientology in terms of the totalitarian ideological model.
Scientology vs. Orwell's 1984!
A former Scientologist compares the disturbing parallels between the book "1984" by George Orwell and Scientology.
Lisa McPherson - Killed by Scientology?!
On December 5, 1995, Lisa McPherson was dead on arrival at a hospital north of Clearwater Florida. According to the coroner's report, Lisa was underweight, severely dehydrated, and had bruises and bug bites.
Piercing the Corporate Veil
How Scientology defrauded the IRS through an elaborate corporate shell game.
Scientology vs. the IRS
The Shadowy Story Behind Scientology's Tax-Exempt Status! Timeline, Newsarchive and more.

Stupidity of Scientology exposed by its own Webpage!
Why Scientology wants to put 20% of the population in isolation camps?...and much more.
Hubbard's Opposition to Civil Rights!
According to Elron 2.5 % of the population must be disposed, quietly and without sorrow.
Operation Snow White!
Operation Snow White was a systematic attempt to infiltrate and steal classified files on Scientology from governments all over the world. Its exposure by the FBI in 1977 led to the arrest and imprisonment of the Guardian Office's senior leadership in the US and Canada, including Hubbard's wife Mary Sue (Fined $10,000 dollars and imprisoned for five years on Oct.26 1979). The GO documents illustrate the cancerous paranoia at the heart of Scientology and detail the vindictive operations waged on the orders of Scientology's highest leaders - ranging from the attempted ruination of the career of a cartoonist who had the temerity to poke fun at Scientology, to the successful framing of a journalist for supposed terrorist activity against Scientology, to the infiltration and theft of documents from governments worldwide.


Join our Picket at the movie premiere from 'Battlefield Earth'!
Movie Premiere: May 11, 2000 MGM Hotel in Las Vegas

10 Reasons not to Watch the Movie!

Picket Reports (Battlefield Earth)!
Toronto (April 28): Assaults and Street Thuggery!



Please send questions/comments to the alt.religion.scientology Newsgroup
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Based on the L. Ron Hubbard novel which takes place in the year 3000, after an alien species has enslaved the planet Earth ('Teegeeack'). The story follows a human survivor named Jonnie Goodboy Tyler (Barry Pepper), who unites mankind and leads a revolution to overcome the alien overlords. John Travolta will play the alien leader Terl.
To read a Script Review from Dr. Benjamin Wog click here.

The Buzz:

Roger 'Who?'Christian, 2nd unit director for Star Wars: Episode One – The Phantom Menace, is the director of 'Battlefield Earth', produced by Franchise Entertainment. Based on the wifebeater's book, the film stars John 'Ed Wood' Travolta as the leader of a group of aliens that have taken over the Earth in the year 3000. One man rises up in an attempt to take down the alien invaders. Filming will start in Canada and Los Angeles on July 5. Elie 'The Retardist' Samaha, Jonathan Krane and Travolta will produce the film with a budget in the $80M range. Franchise’s Ashok Amritraj and Andrew Stevens will take executive producer credits.

Players: John Travolta, Barry Pepper ('Goodboy'), Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates, Sabine Karsenti, Michael Byrne, Richard Tyson.


Director: Roger 'Who?' Christian
Screenwriter: Corey Mandel
Story: Wifebeater L. Ron Hubbard
Producers: John 'Ed Wood' Travolta, Elie 'The Retardist' Samaha, Don Carmody and Jonathan Krane
Executive Prod.: Andrew Stevens and Ashok Amritraj
Viz FX Supervisor: Erik Henry
VFX Companies: Rhythm & Hues Studios Inc. / Hybride Technologies (Canada)and others.
Creature Designer: Patrick Tatopoulos
Casting Director: Lynn Stalmaster, Andrea Kenton
Distributor: Warner Brother***

Filming Start: July 5, 1999 in Montreal, Canada.

Release Date: May 12, 2000 (USA, Canada), moved back from May 5 to avoid "Gladiator".


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Scientology & Dianetics - Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect
Scientology & Dianetics - Tax-exempt Child Abuse and Neglect

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