Operation Clambake

Library Journal
Oct. 15, 1982, p. 2006 (v. 107)

Hubbard, L.Ron.
Battlefield Earth; a saga of the year 3000.

St. Martin's. Oct. 1982. C.800p. $24. SF

Long inactive in writing sf, Hubbard marks his 50th year as an author with this interminable novel that he calls "pure" sf. Many readers will call it old-fashioned. The hero, Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, is the personification of Yankee know-how and ingenuity, as he rescues a conquered and beaten Earth from assorted aliens. It's "pure" action adventure: no character development, no sex, lots of technology. Only those who can suspend their disbelief at the superhuman Tyler and who like long sagas will revel in this. For large collections. -----SNL