Operation Clambake

10 Reasons not to Watch the Movie!

10. The cult of $cientology will use the proceeds to fair game ex-members

9. Reported subliminal messages in film

8. You might run into a $cientologist cultist sitting next to you talking through the movie about his "BTs"

7. It's worse than you think

6. Your child might want a Terl doll... "ratbastard"

5. Your $$ could be spent to see a better movie like PokemonII

4. L. Ron Hubbard's books just plain rot.

3. Legions of cultists will try to get you to join their cult by asking you to take a "personality test"

2. The reveiws are in.... two thumbs down... way down.

1. Hey Travolta was funny as Barberino. But as a space alien.... maybe if he had more auditing.....