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Well, there's a new book called "What Is Scientology?", and I advise people to, if they're curious about because I get a lot of fan letters about it, to read it. It answers every question that you could possibly imagine, the tough ones and not so tough ones. And, short of that, I don't know what to say other than how much it's helped me over the years. Well, in the '70s it helped me avoid drugs and drinking and that's where, everybody in those days were kind of leaning on that as a stress release; I didn't have to. The loss of people--when I rekindled my career it helped me get my ducks in a row and, I mean, there's very little that it doesn't help me with, you know. My marriage, you know--I often will do the marriage counseling which helps, and it's helped with my son and so many things.

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I don't care what situation it is; there's some workable technique or solution that there is, has been written about, that can solve or handle, uh, to a satisfying level, you know. Whether it's family, money, career, friends--whatever the gamut of life is, there's something written on it that you can find that will help you solve issues that I think are very workable for anyone. As long as they understand what they're reading, I mean, that's part of it. You need to, to, to duplicate it right. There's not an area of my life I haven't used it in.

[unidentified woman]: There's just one thing, maybe--

Family, career, finances, um--

[unidentified woman]: Being a pilot

Being a pilot, there's a great example. The study tech--you know, I wasn't a great student, and I learned how to become a student through the techniques of, of study. Where you don't pass a misunderstood word, you go to the dictionary and you fully get all the definitions so you now understand that word and every aspect of the word, and then you put, um, use examples to demonstrate that word in the physical space, right? And then you, you go back to your study material now knowing what that word means. And that gives you a fuller grasp of the material. Now in the study of aviation, how I used it further was not only that, but then getting what example--an example of what I was studying. For instance, if you're looking at the pressurization system of an aircraft or the generator or whatever, get the generator, get that, that, that system that you're looking at; put mass to it. So you have the dictionary and the mass and together it creates fuller understanding of the subject matter you're dealing with, and so on and so forth. So that's just one area. I don't think I become--I could have become a jet pilot without knowing that. I wasn't that good a student, but then I learned how to study through that technique, so there's one example.

HE'S NEVER FELT ATTACKED FOR HIS SCIENTOLOGIST BELIEFS: I've never felt snucked away; I've always felt that I've been very up-front about my involvement and to the degree you're upfront and not seemed to--I mean, I think it's--I admire anyone who gets involved with that--the less controversy you cause. And I think lately it's been getting less controversial because of a lot of--a lot of great things that have happened, you know, and I predict in the next 10 years it won't be, you know, different than Mormon or Christian Science, I mean, it's--it will be a staple and a stay in the world.

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I like the book; I think it's one of the best sci-fi books ever written, and it sold millions, it's a bestseller. And those are often two things to go by--is there an audience for it? Separately? And separately there is, otherwise it wouldn't have sold 5 million copies. If it's a good piece of entertainment, it will work and it won't matter. People thought "Phenomenon" was somehow linked to Scientology and it wasn't; that didn't stop it from making $200 million. It's not--I think the quality of the entertainment is what matters, not the politics attached to it. It's always been that way, it's never been different.