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COMMENT: 1) This review is written by a Scientologist. How do I know this?
Check out the sentence, where the author writes:"...the importance of Hubbard's Dianetics..". Who outside from Scientology would write something about the importance from 'Dianetics'? It's so obviously written by a Scientologist that even Co$ never placed it on their own Webpage (www.battlefieldearth.com).
2) If someone knows more about the author (JOSEPH M.P.R. COCUCCI), please post it on the alt.religion.scientology Newsgroup!

January 1983, p. 380.

Hubbard, L.Ron
Battlefield Earth: A Saga of the year 3000
St. Martin's, 819p., $24.00

Those of us young enough not to remember the pulps of the 30s and 40s unfortunately know L.Ron Hubbard only as one of the celebrated contemporary self-help authors. I emphasize the word "unfortunately," not to negate the importance of Hubbard's 'Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health', but rather to lament the fact that the majority of my contemporaries have neither read nor even heard of the bulk of his work. Hubbard has few rivals: between 1932 and 1950 he wrote 240 science fiction and adventure pieces, 102 of them novels. Quality accompanied quantity: Hubbard's writings were (and are) held in the same esteem as those of Isaac Asimov and Ray Bradbury. Now, on the fiftieth anniversary of his career as a professional author, Hubbard presents to his countless fans an epic journey into the future.
Long before 3000, the Psychlos (a race terribly proficient in the arts of warfare and frighteningly at a loss in the field of emotions) destroyed most of the human population of Earth in order to rape the planet ot its mineral supplies. Some colonies survived; few thrived, since the safest places during the attacks were mountain ranges rich in uranium - deadly to Psychlos, but unfortunately not conducive to human health and generation. As Terl, the greedy Psychlo security chief, notes in the book's opening line, "man is an endangered species." Enter Jonnie Goodboy Tyler, the favorite son of his small man colony. Handsome, intelligent and courageous, Jonnie is as much the perfect hero as is Terl the complete villain. The Psychlo kidnaps Jonnie in order to train him to assemble a mining force of humans capable of extracting a large deposit of gold he's discovered. Jonnie, for his part, realizes that he is now in the unique position to effect revenge upon the creatures responsible for the subjugation and destruction of his race and its glorious past. The epic begins.
Hubbard's work rivals Stephen King's 'The Stand' in length, but, like 'The Stand', 'Battlefied Earth' is fast paced and well written, a story to be savored night after night as the plot thickens and twists. Hubbard's master craftmanship will delight his scores of fans and guarantee him scores of new ones.

JOSEPH M.P.R. COCUCCI, S.J., teaches a course called "Fiction of the Supernatural" at Loyola, Towson, Maryland.