Operation Clambake

'Battlefield Earth' the No. 3 favorite book in the U.S.?

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Related quote in the ET-Interview:

"John Travolta: Okay -- this is the book (picks up copy of Battlefield Earth). This is the largest science fiction book ever written, 1000 pages, and the third favorite book in the nation. The Random House poll, it was voted of the century -- the third favorite book ever written."

I bet that you will hear this lie from John Travolta again and again in the next months. He claims that 'Battlefield Earth' was voted the third favorite book in the nation in a Random House poll. Oh please, give me a break. The truth is that the "source" for this was an internet poll tainted by scientology ballot stuffing - the cyberspace version of scientology buying its own books.
P.S.: Just recently $cientology made news with forged pictures.

Ask yourself: why is this book in no other bestseller list?

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