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'Entertainment Tonight' (ET): Front Group from $cientology?

It's just amazing! Every year ET makes an advertisement show about $cientology. Most reporters call Scientology a 'controversial religion', never did 'Entertainment Tonight'. And you never hear a critical word about L.Ron Hubbard or $cientology from ET. The following message from Mark Bunker, Vice President of the Lisa McPherson Trust, brings some new light in the Scientology - 'Entertainment Tonight' relationship:

By Mark Bunker
(Posted to A.R.S. Newsgroup on Feb. 17, 2000)

"After the hammer attack, a segment producer for RealTV wanted to do a piece about the assault and XENU TV. They were all enthralled by the footage I sent them of Dan Murnan, Buddy and all our favorites and they were all set to fly out to Clearwater to do an interview. Then the Executive Producer informed them that they had too many Scientology celebrities that the studio couldn't afford to piss off.

That studio is Paramount and they also produce ET.

I think it must go beyond that with ET, though. Their pieces are so PRO-Scientology that they must have some members on staff."

Compare for example the coverage from 'Access Hollywood' and ask yourself, why the 'ET' coverage is so obviously PRO-Scientology?!

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