Senses of a Miracle

Scully "senses" a new beginning. Continuation of the flashback scenes in Per Manum.

Vignette / MSR / Angst
Rated R+

The Wish I
The Wish II: All the Colors
The Wish III: A Wish is a Dream

On St. Patrick's Day, Mulder and Scully are given the opportunity to see how life could be different had alternate paths been chosen.

Alternate Universe / MSR / Angst
All three stories are rated NC-17

Scream I

Scream II

Scream III

A thunderstorm, a confession and a bet.

Vignettes / MSR
Scream I is rated R
Scream II & III are rated NC-17

Mulder is called in to identify the body of Dana Scully. Based on the infamous US Magazine morgue photo.

Vignette / MSR / Angst
Rated NC-17

Mulder and Scully investigate a string of mutilation cases in Northern Arizona while Scully deals with a mystery closer to home.

Case file / MSR / Angst
Rated NC-17

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