You might have noticed that lately the page has undergone some recent remodeling. A couple of reasons being I was sick of e-mail telling me that nothing worked and I have a new tech computer to play around with! (The 486 just didn't cut it!). I apologize for the lack of content at the moment because my primary focus is to get Ride BC underway. I have a few links here that provide excellent coverage to the Vancouver's skate scene, I hope you enjoy them! Any comments or suggestions are welcome! Feel free to mail me


Division skate and snow. Lots of information on skating in Vancouver, check out the team!

A Vancouver skate zine, best coverage of Vancouver and local skaters.

A couple of articles on Slam City Jam and BC parks. Check it out! Updated continuously.

Skullskates, since 1978! This company has been around forever! They produce skateboards and snowboards in small quantities, that are sold through their Vancouver store. Info on product and parks in Vancouver.

Pacific and Skate Northwest chat room, talk to real live skaters from Vancouver!

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