Tenth Generation (Continued)

Family of Simeon Colis Buckalew (2524) & Mary Elizabeth Day

4216. Annetta Viola Buckalew. Born on 10 September 1871 in MS. Annetta Viola died in MS on 1 April 1873; she was 1.

4217. William Demeatres Buckalew. Born on 18 May 1874 in MS. William Demeatres died in MS on 25 July 1875; he was 1.

4218. Martha Buckalew. Born on 24 May 1876 in TX. Martha died in Dawson, TX, on 17 January 1941; she was 64. Nickname: Mattie.

In 1896 when Martha was 19, she married Irby Wiswell, in San Jacinto Co. Irby died in 1941 in TX.

They had the following children:
6472 i. Nora (1898-1972)
6473 ii. Irby Simeon (Private)
6474 iii. Waldo William (Private)
6475 iv. Lola Elizabeth (Private)
6476 v. Pauline (Private)
6477 vi. Hattie Allene (Private)

4219. Marion Clayton Buckalew. Born on 10 December 1878 in Cass Co., TX. Marion Clayton died in TX on 13 October 1925; he was 46. Buried in Eastview Cemetery, Vernon, TX. Occupation: Sawmill Worker And Farmer. Nickname: Bud.

Marion and Ruth lived in Evergreen, San Jacinto Co., TX where Marion worked in the sawmill. They moved with Marion's parents and settled in Anderson Co, TX. For a while they lived at Denson Springs, a small community a few miles from Grapeland. Eventually they bought and worked a small farm at Red Prairie. Here their oldest child started to school.


After marrying Mary Jane "Mollie" Summers Rodgers, Marion took his family to Wilbarger Co., TX where he worked in the oil fields.

On 28 August 1895 when Marion Clayton was 16, he first married Ruth Alice Winters, daughter of James P. Winters & Mary Frances Ellisor, in San Jacinto Co., TX. Born on 14 January 1889 in San Jacinto Co., TX. Ruth Alice died on 15 November 1911; she was 22. Buried in Denson Springs Cem., TX.

They had the following children:
6478 i. Viola Elizabeth (1896-)
6479 ii. Clara Dewey (1898-1978)
6480 iii. Lillian Era (1899-)
6481 iv. Floyd Simoun (1908-1956)
6482 v. Mary Frances (-1979)
6483 vi. Jeff Davis (Private)
6484 vii. Ezra Lafayette (Private)

Marion Clayton second married Mary (Summers) Rogers Mrs.. Nickname: Mollie.

Mollie (Summers) Rogers

They had the following children:
6485 i. Florine (Private)
6486 ii. Marion Ramsey (1917-1982)
6487 iii. Johnny
6488 iv. Molly Elizabeth (Private)

4220. Ira Cornelius Buckalew. Born on 2 June 1881 in TX. Ira Cornelius died in Coolidge, Limestone Co., TX, on 10 February 1936; he was 54.

Ira Cornelius married Josephine Hendrick, daughter of Henderson Hendrick & Lucy Brooks. Josephine died in 1936 in TX. Nickname: Phene.

They had the following children:
6489 i. Lorena (1910-1979)
6490 ii. Odel A. (Private)
6491 iii. Colvin C. (1912-1991)
6492 iv. Lucille (Private)
6493 v. Inez (1918-1926)
6494 vi. Joe Allen (Private)
6495 vii. Billy Ray (Private)

4221. Cora Matilda Buckalew. Born on 14 January 1884 in TX. Cora Matilda died in Palistine, TX, on 21 April 1971; she was 87. Buried in Salmon, TX.

On 19 October 1902 when Cora Matilda was 18, she married Joseph Lafette Tims, son of N.C. Tims (1846-1920) & Sarah Powell, in Anderson Co., TX. Born on 9 March 1875 in Clarke Co., MS. Joseph Lafette died in Donley Co., TX, on 20 August 1935; he was 60.

They had the following children:
6496 i. Joseph Lafette (1918-1918)
6497 ii. Leonard Lee (1906-1945)

4222. Hattie Buckalew. Born on 18 August 1886 in TX. Hattie died in 1952; she was 65.

Hattie married John Cook.

4223. Frances Gertrude Buckalew. Born on 25 April 1889. Frances Gertrude died on 14 June 1963; she was 74. Nickname: Trudy.

On 26 August 1906 when Frances Gertrude was 17, she married Luther Marvin Hendrick, son of Edredge Hanes Hendrick & Laura Thompson. Luther Marvin died in 1950.

They had the following children:
6498 i. Eugene Arnold (Private)
6499 ii. Cora Irene (Private)
6500 iii. Mary Reba (1916-1970)
6501 iv. Johnny Cobble (1922-1967)
6502 v. Alma Ruth (Private)

4224. John Lennard Buckalew. Born on 23 October 1891 in TX. John Lennard died on 14 October 1918; he was 26.

Died of flu in training camp in WWI.

4225. Menzie Lamar Buckalew. Born on 14 December 1893 in TX. Menzie Lamar died in 1943; he was 49.

On 15 December 1015 when Menzie Lamar was <1, he married Reba Jones, daughter of H. Clay Jones & Lula Mae Mitchell.

They had the following children:
6503 i. Helen (Private)
6504 ii. Mitchell (1922-1951)

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